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Rewind: Non-QB Thoughts About Game 2

We all have a bunch of random thoughts go through our heads during a game, here are some of mine

NFL: Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals
Chicago Bears bears kicker Roberto Aguayo (1) reacts after missing a field goal attempt against the Arizona Cardinals during the second half at University of Phoenix Stadium.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some random thoughts I had after re-watching the second preseason game against Arizona.

Since everybody else on the interwebs wants to talk about the quarterbacking situation in Chicago, I thought I would skip it entirely and focus on the rest of the fellas on the field... making this a QB-free zone.

Here’s what I’ve got for you, in a stream-of-consciousness format:

Benny Cunningham had a very nice game on ST. Even if the Bears keep four running backs either Jeremy Langford or Ka’Deem Carey is probably getting cut. There’s a chance both might if we keep three. Carey definitely has the edge because he’s on the field while Langford just hasn’t been.

Tarik Cohen is absolutely the #2 back as of now. Cunningham is #3.

Deonte Thompson had the big 109ish yard TD return on the missed Phil Dawson field goal to end the half, but he also played well as a gunner. I think Josh Bellamy’s job is the WR most in danger from Thompson.

Leonard Floyd was held on ever single play. Every. Single. Play.

Jerrell Freeman is a full grown man.

Eddie Jackson may or may not someday be our punt returner, but I think he’s our starting safety next to Quinton Demps as of this week.

Dion Sims can catch the ball, and he can block. Solid addition this year.

While Kevin White tends to draw the ire of some around here, it’s really hard to tell where he’s at right now since nobody is throwing the ball his way even when he is wide open.

Cre’von LeBlanc had an amazingly great night. Cre’von LeBlanc had a terrible night. Both of these statements are true.

With the exception of a really, really bad interception, Chicago’s starters beat Arizona’s at their house. Our running game was better, our lines were better, our defense was better and we lead both on the scoreboard, on the statistical charts and in the eye test.

With two major exceptions, our special teams played very well.

I’ve got no problem with us claiming Roberto Aguayo off of waivers and giving him a chance. He’s had a chance. Next.

On second thought, I think Roberto Aguayo is kind of like New Coke. Everybody at corporate always believed it was a great idea, but it never worked out in the field. Don’t remember New Coke? Google it.

The Daniel Braverman era in Chicago needs to be over.

Who made great blocks on Thompson’s big return? Adrian Amos, Kyle Fuller and Jerrell Freeman, that’s who.

Christian Jones had a sneaky-good game. He didn’t make a lot of standout plays but he played well.

Titus Davis made a nice catch. We have a guy named Titus Davis on our team? Who knew?

Roy Robertson-Harris has made the team, I think. He’s WORLDS better than last year.

Taylor Boggs is not the answer at backup center. I’m not sure if that one shotgun snap he did has ever landed somewhere.

The official reviews are MUCH faster, we ALL approve.

For a game who’s win/loss outcome I didn’t care about even a little, I was tense and worried when Arizona went for two to take the lead at the end. I actually fist pumped a “YES!” when we stopped them.

These are just some random thoughts I had while re-watching the game on NFL Game Pass.

Do you have any to add?