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Bear’s Den: Special “Tell us about yourself” Open Thread

Today’s Den is all about YOU! Tell us about yourself, and remember to Open Thread Responsibly!

Bears Fans are EVERYWHERE! This Bears flag proudly flies over a residence in Blue Hills, Nebraska!
Photo by Jeanne Mitchell 8-20-2017

Every 6 months or so Denmaster Ken invites our Windy City Gridiron readers & posters to take a bit of time and tell us about yourself.

Are you married? Single? Still in school? Where do you live (in general), what is your career or major in school?

I’ll go first. I live in a town you have never heard of, in a county you have never heard of in Northeast Missouri. By day I do IT work, by night I am a journalist and blogger. I shoot high school sports for KHQA TV in Quincy, Illinois, I am a contributing editor to the local weekly family of newspapers (I do stories, photos, their official weekly podcast). I was the editor-in-chief for two of the newspapers in the group, The Edina Sentinel and The LaBelle Star. I’m also a photographer who enjoys shooting on film.

Of course, we are also here to talk Chicago Bears football so feel free to share your thoughts about the Bears as we head towards Game 3 of the preseason.

So spill the beans, it’s always good to learn about our fellow readers and posters!


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