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Chicago Bears vs Tennessee Titans: Pre Party Open Thread!

Photo by Serena Vitellaro-Wiltfong - VEI Photography

Anyone planning to skip the first half and jump into the game after halftime?

The third quarter is where Chicago Bears head coach John Fox has promised to give us some Mitchell Trubisky with the ones. Hopefully the Tennessee Titans play along, and they keep their starting defense in the game after the half. Bears’ coaches need to get a good evaluation of Trubisky, and playing against Titan backups isn’t doing any good.

And speaking of Trubisky, in my opinion the kid needs a better nickname. Mr. Biscuit reminds me of my favorite breakfast that my wife makes better than anyone else. Plus, the Chicago Bears have already had a Buscuit in the locker room. That was William Perry’s other nickname back in the day, because he was "a biscuit under 350," according to teammate Dan Hampton.

I like the Truth myself, but a quick check of Reddit reveals a few other interesting nicknames. Money Mitch, Risky Trubisky, Tru, and Trubearsky.


Do you like Mr. Biscuit as Mitchell Trubisky’s nickname?

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Enjoy this pre-party open thread and be nice out there.