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Good news for injured Bears’ WR Cameron Meredith

Photo by Serena Vitellaro-Wiltfong of VEI Photography

When Chicago Bears’ wide out Cameron Meredith left the game with a knee injury on Sunday, the team feared the worst. His knee bent in such a way that the FOX replay crew decided to not show it again. An ACL tear was a foregone conclusion, but the worry was more ligament damage, or even worse.

The initial MRI did show an ACL tear, but the Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs is reporting that the doctors told Meredith “that while the ACL in the knee is torn and will require replacement, other damage is minimal.”

That minimal damage being a small tear in his MCL, but nothing too severe.

What could have been a total knee reconstruction, now looks like a full recovery in about eight months for the soon to be restricted free agent.

Ken outlined the NFL’s injury and waiver wire rules here, but the gist of this situation is that the Bears will need to keep Meredith on the 53 man roster at first. Then once it’s announced, they’ll then move him to season ending injured reserve, and replace him on the roster.

Meredith was primed to be the Bears’ number one receiver after his 66 receptions and 888 yards last year, so we can expect the Bears to tender him an offer next off season.