Insights From a Family Fest Attendee (with link to pictures)

This is a very short practice with few impressions to be made on limited snaps. That said, I saw some interesting things I took note of.

Connor Barth appears head and shoulders above Andy Phillips. Phillips kind of seems like the odd man out of the ST boy's club. He worked away from the other 3 most of the practice and had extensive accuracy issues. Barth looks polished and fitter than last year, though he did miss a XP during scrimmage. Even in practicing kickoffs it seemed Barth had more power.

Roy Robertson-Harris is a giant. The interesting thing is he practiced individually with the OLBs and lined up at DE during the scrimmage. They may either like him as a versatile player or he is getting pass rush training out of the other group.

Mitch Urein is still the starter and surprisingly made a play in the backfield. Every string of the DL has massive bodies.

On the first play of scrimmage the team lined up with a tight trips look that contained Sims, Shaheen, and Miller. It looked like a lethal formation and one you can imagine we may feature often.

I watched Kevin White and he looked just fine while playing very few snaps. He caught just one pass when he bailed out Glennon from heavy pressure. It was only for about five yards but White seemed confident with the performance as he danced to the music back to the huddle. Please, let's give the drama a rest. I thought this would be over with Cutler's departure.

Josh Sitton played on the right side of the line. It seems the move is imminent and Long will fill in at the left when he is healthy.

Kyle Fuller dressed and took part in individual drills but was not involved in 7 on 7 or scrimmage. He was off to the side running sprints so he must be working off his leg issue.

Eddie Jackson got some snaps with the ones and made some plays in the backfield.

Tarik Cohen continued to impress by bouncing runs to the outside to turn modest gains into first downs.

Willie Young has been dealing with a groin issue and was on the field early to stretch. He participated fully and would have recorded a sack during scrimmage.

Dion Sims had a few catches, one of which was a contested grab in the end zone. Largely I would say TEs ruled the day as the ball was peppered around to them on every unit.

Michael Burton, the fullback, was in the game with the ones once we got near the goal line. I wouldn't rule out a spot on the team for that position yet.

Glennon played clean and efficient. Sanchez threw what should have been a pick six to Amukamara. He followed that with a 50 yard TD to Cruz, but Young would have sacked him on the play. Trubisky looked athletic. The first 2 plays were rollouts and the defense appeared to have no answer for it. He was practicing with the threes against the defense's threes. His drive was stifled at the goal line though.

See the images I took here, including a bit of the dog agility training pre-practice.

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