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Dear Miami Dolphins Fans

The Windy City Gridiron staff wants to debunk (and confirm) some rumors about your new quarterback, and our old friend, Jay Cutler. Call this Miami adVice.

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Strap in, Dolphins fans.

You are now riding The Jay Cutler Experience.

It will be bumpy.

It will be thrilling.

There will be touchdowns.

There will be turnovers.

There will be memories.

There will be memes.

We here at Windy City Gridiron have seen the highs and lows of the Cutler experience. A quick scan of the timeline reveals our complicated emotions about our longtime quarterback, expressed both in our writing and in the WCG comments.

Don’t worry about reading the articles — just look at the dates and the summary of each story.

What’s crazy is that each individual Cutler season felt like the totality of those eight years. Like, in any given season, you really feel every single emotion you can feel about a quarterback.

He’s the greatest.

He’s the worst.

He’s the reason we’re winning.

He’s holding us back.

He needs more talent.

He needs to make due with the talent he’s got.

He has no toughness.

He could have led the 1980s Bears to four championships.

According to our editor-in-chief Lester A. Wiltfong Jr., Cutler was the team’s most important Bear ever year but 2015, when he was 4th. The other important Bears changed, but Cutler remained the same:

And now he’s yours.

There will be lots of rumors floating around your new starting quarterback, so we’ve decided to debunk some of these — and confirm others. We each have one true rumor to confirm, and one false one to dispel.

Call this Miami adVice.

JEFF BERCKES (@gridironborn)

The rumors are true: Cutler has terrible body language that is not conducive to modern media coverage. The media has, in general, enjoyed making Cutler a heel, giving casual fans an easy narrative to use as a cudgel. Focus on his play. He’s a smart guy but has never learned to play the politics side of the game.

The rumors are false: "Cutler is a selfish crybaby." He is very involved in charity work and does so the way you’d want it to be done — behind the scenes, without fanfare. Truly, he’ll be a good addition to the locker room and the community.

KEV H (@Kev_WCG)

The rumors are true: He trusts his arm as much as — if not more than — anybody else in the game. This gets him in trouble, but it also got him 21 4th quarter comebacks in his career. Win some, lose some.

The rumors are false: There is no proven link that suggests vaccines cause autism.

Okay, actual the rumors are false: “He gave up in the NFC title game.” He actually had a knee injury that you can see affected his ability to move and plant. Jay Cutler slogged through too many garbage offensive lines and bad play calls to be the kind of guy who would just give up in a close game to go to the Super Bowl. This is, of course, the same season he got sacked nine times and got a concussion against the Giants. What possible logic could be applied to suggest he’d give up?

SAM HOUSEHOLDER (@SamHouseholder)

The rumors are true: He can’t seem to stay consistent with his accuracy game-to-game.

The rumors are false: “He is a coach killer.” He wouldn’t come out of retirement for just anyone and he isn’t chasing a paycheck. He and Gase have a real understanding and mutual liking of each other. Cutler can thrive with Gase, and vice versa.

Also, the rumors are false: He isn’t a bodybuilder. That's a completely different Jay Cutler.

JACOB INFANTE (@jacobinfante24)

The rumors are true: He’s bound to make a handful of terrible decisions from time to time, and they will make you furious.

The rumors are false: “He is an awful quarterback.” Aside from his occasional error, he was actually a solid quarterback for most of his tenure in Chicago. When surrounded with talent and good coaching (which he will be in Miami), he can win football games.

ANDREW LINK (@BearsLink82)

The rumors are true: He is one of the most athletic QBs in the game and his arm talent is second to none. His flaws are that he doesn’t use his legs enough and forces throws that he has no business forcing.

The rumors are false: “He is a wuss.” Jay Cutler is one of the toughest SOBs to play in the modern NFL. He’s gone airborn for a TD run on preseason and shucked linebackers and defensive backs to finish runs. I’ve seen this guy come back from the most viscous of hits time and again. He also consistently comes back before injuries are healed to help his team. Nobody who has watched Cutler play can possibly say otherwise.


The rumors are true: He has to carefully monitor his blood-sugar level during practice and games because he's a Type 1 Diabetic. He does a good job with it, and since diagnosed and treated, it doesn’t cause him issues at game time.

The rumors are false: “He actually smokes.” Jay doesn’t smoke, has never smoked, and doesn’t like cigarettes being around him.


The rumors are true: He will absolutely break your heart twice a season with a backbreaking interception that 100% did not need to be attempted.

The rumors are false: “He is a bad teammate.” In fact, most of his teammates share stories about his work ethic and commitment to their betterment, and he does not throw teammates under the bus even when reporters give him an opportunity to do so.


The rumors are true: He takes chances with the football that he shouldn’t, because he’s trying to make something happen.

The rumors are false: “He doesn’t care.” I rest my case:

Lester Wiltfong (@wiltfongjr)

The rumors are true: He will make a dumbass throw on occasion. Throughout his career, a problem with Jay is he seems to think he can make any throw. Sometimes that results in a head-scratching “How could he?” moment, and sometimes you start yelling at your TV in anger, only to throw your arms up in excitement. Accept Cutler for what he is, and your football watching experience will be better.

The rumors are false: “He's a bad teammate.” In every locker room, there are guys who get along and guys who don't. For every ex-teammate who wanted to get his name in the paper by calling him out, there are countless others that liked him. You can chalk the “bad teammate” BS right up there with the poor body language and pouty-face garbage that some in the media regurgitate every time they get a chance.

So, WCG community and our fellow Bears fans...

What one Jay Cutler rumor do you want to debunk?

What one Jay Cutler rumor do you want to confirm?

Drop yours in the comments and let Dolphins fans everywhere know what’s coming.


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Bears fans: If you had to do it over, would you still want Jay Cutler as your quarterback for the past eight years?

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