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Bears “Can’t Miss Predictions” That Are Sure To Miss

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

First off, I ganked this idea from our sibling site, Big Blue View. They had so much fun with it, I had to do it over here too.

Yesterday, SB Nation dropped their outstanding 2017 NFL Season Preview, and it in they listed a bunch of “Can’t Miss Predictions” for the 2017 season.

Just like our Big Blue brothers did, I’m going to go prediction-by-prediction and apply the Chicago Bears to all of the SB Nation predictions. I had to tweak a few categories, and I left a couple out, but the gist of it remains.


My guess is the defense will finish better than the offense, so my pick for 2017 Bears MVP will come from that side of the ball. I think Quinton Demps has a chance to be a sleeper Pro Bowl pick for the Bears if he can be responsible for six or seven turnovers, and I think Akiem Hicks is primed for a big season, but when talking team MVP, I’m thinking of someone else.

Yes Robert, my prediction for Bears’ MVP is Leonard Floyd.

In my opinion, health is the only thing that will stop him from 12 sacks. He’s looked better at the point of attack this preseason, he’s stronger, and another year smarter will allow him to play even faster than last year.

Most Improved Player

I’m staying on the defensive side of the ball here and going with another second year player, Jonathan Bullard. Many draftniks said the Bears got the steal of the draft last year, when they nabbed Bullard in the third round. He had an up and down (well, mostly down) season last year, so he had a great camp, and he looked really good in the preseason too.

Hoss Of The Year

This looks like they picked three edge rushers for this award, but I’m guessing the criteria was a player that would bring it and be a dominant badass every snap he was on the field, so I’m going with Akiem Hicks.

Most Disrespectful Blocker Of The Year

Former NFL offensive lineman, Geoff Schwartz, writes for SB Nation, and every week he’ll be picking a most disrespectful block of the week, so we’ll treat it as the best Bears’ offensive lineman. And since we’re talking disrespectful blocking, which makes me think of a player with a nasty disposition, I’m going with Josh Sitton.

Rookie Who Will Make The Biggest Impact

I think Eddie Jackson will play the most reps, but I think the biggest rookie impact will come from running back Tarik Cohen.

One national pundit even has him picked as his rookie of the year.

First NFC North Coach To Be Fired

I think the NFC North coaches are all pretty safe, but if the Bears don’t show the necessary improvements in 2017, John Fox may be out of a job.

Dak Prescott Rookie Who Came Out Of Nowhere Award

There weren’t many fans of the Tarik Cohen pick, but he’s been an exciting player this preseason and at training camp as well. I didn’t expect his role to be as big as it appears it’ll be, but I’m excited to see him as a runner, receiver, and returner.

NFC North Team That Won’t Meet Expectations

I actually see a very competitive division, with the top three teams all battling for a playoff spot, and the fourth team making positive strides. But among the four teams, one has been receiving almost unanimous praise as the class of the division, and I don’t think the Packers are a shoe in.

Most Overrated Player

Is this most overrated by us Bears’ fans, or overrated on a national scale? Because I don’t think many national analysts or fans are overrating any Bears.

While I’ve been impressed by undrafted free agent Tanner Genrty, some fans are outright giddy about his prospects. I think he makes the team, but I don’t think he’s stepping into the WR#1 role for the Bears this year.

Which Bear Will Be The First One Fined For Celebrating?

The NFL relaxed their celebration rules, but I can’t remember a Bear getting flagged for excessive celebrations in the past anyway.

Let’s go with wide out Kevin White, who has never scored a regular season TD. If he get’s in, I’d be OK with him having a Rod Tidwell-like celebration.

Most Valued Punter

MegaPunt wins by default.

Now it’s your turn to give us your predictions!