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My Open Letter To Ryan Pace

Ryan won’t read this, which is kind of a shame. He needs to know what we think!

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears
Head coach John Fox (L) and general manager Ryan Pace of the Chicago Bears chat before warm-ups
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Dear Ryan:

With the seemingly annual descent into the abyss of injuries upon us again this season, I'm writing you this letter to give you a fan's perspective on the 2017 Chicago Bears.

I know I don't have even the smallest percentage of inside football knowledge that you and the good people on your staff do, but I think I do know some things that you don't when it comes to your fanbase.

I’m not claiming to speak for all Chicago Bears fans, but I think the points I am touching on here are fairly universal and things that the vast majority of Bears fans would agree on.

You spend your time finding ways to try to help the Chicago Bears to future success. I spend my time working with and observing Chicago Bears fans.

Here's what I know, based upon my interactions with your team's fans

1) We want to win year-in, year-out, but we don't want to wait until 2024 to start the winning process

2) We know we are not going to be a playoff team this year. We get that. Even though it's frustrating, we can live with that IF...

3) We can live with that IF what we do this year gets us into playoff contention NEXT year. 2018. We expect to see improvement, and competitive football this season, but we understand we still have holes to fill.

4) John Fox is not the answer. We like Vic Fangio, and we have mixed reviews on Dowell Loggains (It would be easier to judge him if he had, you know, good players to work with in the skill positions).

5) We like how you attack positions and fix them by throwing several players at a time at them like you did with the OL when you first came here, the LB's, etc. It's pretty obvious this WR thing is really ungood. Let's go ahead and put that at the top of the to-do list, m'kay?

6) Did you ever watch the movie "Mean Girls"? If so, you know how Gretchen is always trying to make the word "fetch" happen? Well, Kevin White is like the word "fetch", you need to stop trying so hard to make Kevin White happen. Kevin’s not happening.

7) We like how you reward players like Akiem Hicks, Charles Leno, Jr. and Willy Young. You can keep doing that.

8) For the most part, we think you are doing a pretty good job. After your first draft bombed (admit it, own it... and again, Kevin White? He's like "fetch", not happening), you look to have knocked it out of the park with your next two. Keep doing what you are doing.

9) You are going to see our seats empty a lot this season unless things change. Don't blame us, if you build it, we WILL come.

10) We understand how you want to be frugal, wise and not tie up long-term cap space, I get that and I think we ALL get that. Having said that, we need more playmakers. We've got like, what? Two? With Trubisky, perhaps be three?

11) Finally, it's time to let the kids play. Nick Kwiatkoski will be playing, that's good, an improved Christian Jones is also going to get a lot more time, that’s good too... but it's also time to let the young DB's prove themselves, the young DL step up in place of older vets. You know who else I am going to say here, don't you Ryan? You drafted him and I commend you for that. He's probably not ready, and we get that. BUT... remember what I said about playoffs in 2018? That happens because Mitchell Trubisky learns how to play quarterback in the NFL in 2017.

Free Mitch, Ryan... you know you want it!

Thanks and have a great day,


Ken Mitchell

WCG Bear's Den dude.

PS: We know Mike's going to be mad if you bench him. It's OK, he's got $16 million reasons to not pout too hard.

PPS: Don't let Mike Glennon become "fetch" too. That would be kinda annoying.