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The most surprising part of the Bears season so far is... Tarik Cohen

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

SB Nation is running a theme week for all of us NFL sites this season, and this week they asked us all to write bout the most surprising part of the Chicago Bears season so far.

After one week of NFL action, there can really be only one answer. Rookie running back, Tarik Cohen.

Sam already looked at his fantastic game yesterday in this article, have the Bears found a new playmaker?

After racking up 158 total yards — which is a new Bears rookie season-opening record by the way — and yleading the team with 66 rushing yards, 47 yards receiving, and 45 punt return yards, I’d say the answer is yes.

I’m not sure if the plan was to play him quite as much as they did, but with reserve Benny Cunningham leaving early with an injury, Cohen stepped up. Cohen played 28 snaps on offense (42%), while starter Jordan Howard played 38 (57%).

Offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains said that Cunningham, “would have been a big part of the third down protection plan."

There were some questions about Cohen not being in Sunday’s game during crunch time, and Loggains said, "He's not ready to handle the burden of everything now," but he also said this about his dynamic rookie, "The secret's out."

I’d expect Loggains’ offense to keep finding ways to get Cohen involved, and I’d expect Cohen to get up to speed as fast as possible. "He loves football,” Loggains said of Cohen, “and (he) works his tail off."

So whether as a returner, a runner, a receiver, or as a decoy: Cohen will be ready.

Howard benefited from Cohen’s presence on his rushing touchdown that came with the rookie in as the Wildcat QB.

Here’s the TD that Cohen caught.

Matt Bowen was impressed with the Bears’ rookie.

And no Cohen highlight reel would be complete without this one.

That one prompted us to tweet this.

Let’s keep this thread as positive as possible, and let us know what part of the Bears’ week one was the most surprising (in a good way) to you.