This time for sure!


Dang, that was close, wasn't it? I really thought that even with the busted coverage 88yard TD, likely caused by a concussed defensive playcaller, even with losing a starting wide out, even with tight ends that were largely invisible till mid-third quarter, that the Bears were going to shock most of the free world.

I kind of expected it.

I sure thought at first and goal at the five they would beat the Falcons. Heck, Glennon threw two game winning passes in my book, but Brickhands Bellamy and Howard's eye surgery failed to close their fingers on the ball. And why wasn't Baby Gronk in the red zone game plan? Overall, an undermanned, unrespected underdog came that close to pulling it out.


Can't see it if you're not looking at it

So on to a drying out Tampa. TB does not have the weapons on offense, nor the speed on defense that Atlanta does. They don't even have a starting RB (hello Jacquizz Rodgers). Chicago should be able to control the clock with the running game and the tight ends and keep that ball out of Jameis Winston's hands.

I wish nothing but the best for all those in Tampa and throughout Florida in recovering from that b_tch Irma. But the Bears are going to rain on the parade Sunday. Tampa played their last preseason game THREE weeks ago. Players have had a lot on their minds beyond football, and rightly so. And they get to kick off the season against a defense that confounded and pretty much shut down the best offense in football.

Bears 27-Bucs 16.

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