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New Podcast Alert!

Our very own Andrew Link has teamed up with a couple other Bears writers to debut a new Bears podcast. Check it out here!

2:00 Drill

Good morning Bears fans! I am pleased to present to you a new podcast with myself, Will Ingalls (Windy City Sports/Bears Goggle On) and Dan Meehan (Grizzly Gridiron).

The debut episode is more of an introduction and pre-game show but we are really excited about the format. We are going to argue points from differing perspectives for 2-minutes each, thus the name, 2-Minute Drill. Think of it as more akin to an old school sports talk radio show or a couple a guys in a bar arguing Bears football.

Without further adieu, here is the link to the podcast. We are going to try and get this up on iTunes and the Google App Store as well.

I also want to give a huge shoutout to our very own WhiskeyRanger for designing the logo. Thank you man, we truly appreciate the help!

For this interested in the song and want to know more about the band, they are some local kids who are old friends of mine. You can listen to more Lost in Blue here.

Feedback is most welcome and feel free to make comments below or to the Twitter page @2MinDrill_Bears.