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John Fox says Mike Glennon will remain the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears

NFL: Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears head coach John Fox has announced that Mike Glennon will remain the starting quarterback on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers saying, "He makes good decisions."

When asked if Glennon gives the team the best chance to win, he said, "After two games, it's really hard to evaluate somebody.”

So Glennon will get a third start on Sunday in Soldier Field, with a big reason, according to Fox is, “It gives us a chance.”

A chance to what exactly, I’m not sure. I reckon he means Glennon gives them their best chance to win.

But what about Mitchell Trubisky? When will the rookie be ready to play? The Bears aren’t exactly sure, with Fox saying, "I don't know that anybody has a crystal ball as to when that is."

And if someone claims to be certain of how the future will play out...

My guess is at some point this year Fox will make the decision to let his rookie play, but as to when is anyone's guess.. “I think you just kind of know when it’s time,” Fox said via the Sun Times. “You can’t measure it all exactly the same because people are all different.”

I’m sure the organization has a plan, but if they are flying blind on a week by week basis, maybe Fox will eventually work his way down to Plan X. "I wish we could play two QBs at once, but I don’t know if that would be our best option."