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It’s Time for John Fox to Go

We’re in year three and things aren’t getting better so exactly what is he giving us?

Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

I would first like to say that I don’t like advocating for people to lose their jobs. Losing a job sucks. Failure in general, sucks.

However, professional sports is a bottom-line business and the players, coaches and front office personnel are generally compensated for the fact that they may be out of a job at any moment.

When the results aren’t there, people lose their jobs. It goes that way in many lines of business but especially in pro sports.

I also think that fans are all aware that the likelihood of the Bears making an in-season coaching change is all but nil. Frankly, as grim as things seem right now, it pales in comparison to the waning days of the Marc Trestman era when a coach openly admitted to circulating previously anonymous rumors about his own quarterback.

Yet the entire organization stood by it all, warming themselves on the flames of the dumpster fire and waited until the season ended to make the final move everybody saw coming.

So if they were willing to stomach that, this will be easy.

Now, with all of that being said, what is John Fox giving the Bears right now?

Fox was brought in because he was known for quick turnarounds: The Bears are 9-25 under him.

After that awful Trestman era, Fox was supposed to bring stability, competence and discipline that would shore up the ugly mistakes, miscues, penalties and general lack of preparedness that was demonstrated so often in 2014.

The Bears had four first-half turnovers and three first-half third down defensive penalties on Sunday.

And, perhaps most importantly, the blowouts were finally going to stop. Even if the roster was talent deficient, Fox was supposed to get the most out of his players and scheme to put them in a position to succeed, play in closer games and not get blown out.

But the Bears lost 29-7 in a game that was 29-0 until there was less than two minutes left.

So all of the supposed strengths of John Fox, all of the things he was supposed to do well, haven’t come to fruition at this point.

Plus, all of his known shortcomings have come too!

He favors playing veteran players over getting younger guys experience, his in-game coaches doesn’t just skew conservative, it is outright ridiculous. See:

So I ask again: What exactly is John Fox bringing to the table? What is he giving the Bears that makes winless Septembers (0-8 under Fox in the first month) and blow out week two games (outscored 106-44 in week two under Fox) and nearly two shutouts in 34 games is ridiculous.

Dick Jauron was the head coach during three shutouts. Obviously Fox hasn’t sunk to that level, but it’s darn close.

I will ask one final time: What, exactly, is John Fox giving this team right now? What makes him qualified to keep his job beyond the end of this season?