Do fans hate Mike Glennon?

Even before he started training camp, fans seemed to dislike Mike Glennon. Why? After all, he was signed to replace arguably one of the most hated athletes in the modern NFL era; the uber-polarizing Jay Cutler. Surely that was a characteristic fans could find endearing about Mike? He said all the right things. He had the size of a prototypical NFL QB. Why all the hate, bruh? Well, that all seemed to start at the infamous Draft Party, where Glennon was a special guest attendee. As the new leader of the Bear's Offense and representative of the change so many had screamed for for years, he was there to represent the future and join fans as they celebrated a new class of rookies. Admirable. Then it happened. As everyone waited for the Commish to announce San Fran's pick so that the Bear's would officially in get "on the clock," the announcement came that there had been a trade. As we all know, the Bears shocked the world and traded up to the 2nd spot and selected Mitchell Trubisky. No one was more shocked than Mike Glennon. Still, he handled it as well as could be expected and I doubt anyone really thought ill of his reaction. Yet, in that very moment, everything changed about the fans' view of Mike Glennon. In a flash, he went from their possible savior to Trubisky's placeholder. Have you seen any Glennon jerseys? Bet you've seen plenty of Trubisky jerseys. Whether Glennon had come out this season playing good or not, he was going to be Trubisky's placeholder. And fans don't rally around players with no future on their team. It isn't mean spirited; it's just reality. Jerseys aren't cheap. Even replica jerseys aren't bought on a whim. But even more valuable than authentic, official jerseys are emotional capital. And fans are not going to hand that out to a guy they are sure is just passing through. We all would prefer he proves worthy of the investment the team made on him. In the eyes of Bear's fans, "Glennon's awright" .. Until Mitch is ready. No one hates Glennon. After all, he's Mitch's placeholder.

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