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Thursday Night Fever! Catch it!

How can you have a Color Rush game if black isn’t a color?

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at St. Louis Rams Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

At least the Rams aren’t involved in a mustard vs ketchup game like that time they battled the Bucs.

This Thursday night affair features the yellow-clad, Color Rushed Rams vs the colorless(?) 49ers.

The ‘Niners still have their traditional scarlet and gold on display, but their jersey/pants combo for tonight is all black.

And since this game, like many Thursday Night games, will probably suck, I propose we have an ‘is black a color’ debate in our comment thread.

According to, “Black is the absence of color (and is therefore not a color).”

The Encyclopedia Britannica says, “Color, in terms of pigment, is every shade and hue found in a brand new box of crayons (and any combination you could make from them).” But they also say, “It depends on how you want to define color.”

Here’s more explanation from, “When there is no light, everything is black. Test this out by going into a photographic dark room. There are no photons of light. In other words, there are no photons of colors.”

And more from, “If you include in the definition of color, however, all of the ways in which human eyes process light and the lack of it, then black and white, as well as pink, earn their places in the crayon box.”


Is black a color?

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