Glennon, why we got him and why he's playing

Just to start I'm going to say that I am not a Glennon fan and I dont want him to start for the Bears ever again!

Why the Bears signed him:

We had no Quarterback

He was (supposed to be) the best available

He is a youngish QB, if he plays well the Bears would look set at the position moving forward

Good locker room guy/ leader

High priced decoy leading the football world to believe the Bears weren't drafting a QB high

Trubisky fallback plan in case someone else drafted him

Why Glennon started week one:

Trubisky only started 13 college games, little experience. Glennon had some, albeit limited NFL experience

Supposed to be better diagnosing plays at the line, taking a snap under centre, commanding the huddle etc than MT10

He was promised that he was the guy when he was signed, "this is my year". What would it say to potential future free agents if the Bears broke their word instantly without giving him a chance?

18 million

Trubisky gets opportunity to develop at a slower pace with zero pressure

Tough schedule, starting MT10 makes little difference to the win column at the start of the season

Fox thought the Defence and run game would be good enough to carry him

Why Glennon is still starting:

O-Line has had a bad start, best to let Glennon take the hits while it gets sorted

His garbage time performances put some gloss on his numbers (really really dull gloss) allowing Fox and Loggins to keep him in for one more game so he can unequivocally play his way out of the job without questions afterwards ("hey Mike we gave you every chance, it's your fault you're not playing anymore")

We don't fully know what we have in Mitch Trubisky yet, he may not be the next Joe Montana. All I know is that he's not a statue that can't go deep, can't slide around in the pocket, can't extend plays, can't hit a receiver in stride or see more than one receiver on the field at any one play

Just my thoughts, what do you think?

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