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Windy City Gridiron picks Bears-Steelers

WCG takes a look into the crystal ball as the Bears attempt to pick up their first win of 2017 against Pittsburgh.

Chicago Bears v Pittsbugh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears stand at the precipice of history. It's not often a team can start 0-3 for the third consecutive season, but that's just what head coach John Fox's bunch can "accomplish" on Sunday should they not defeat the very formidable Pittsburgh Steelers.

Yes, crazier things have happened, but in all likelihood, chances of an upset by the Bears against the contending Steelers are quite slim. Though, never count out possibility of another fantastic moral victory i.e. an almost win. Those always count in the standings, right?

Here's the WCG staff picks for Bears-Steelers this afternoon.

Robert Zeglinski

The Steelers have one of the most complete, athletic teams in the NFL and should be poised for a Super Bowl run. The Bears do not, especially with their current quarterback, and will have to play a literally perfect game for any chance of an upset. Given all these one-on-one matchup issues: It's not going to happen. Pittsburgh picks up its first win in Chicago in 22 years.

Steelers 34 Bears 19

Lester Wiltfong Jr.

Pittsburgh has too much fire power on offense, and too many pass rushers on defense. I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but Mike Glennon's pocket awareness hasn't been good this season, so any amount of pressure is too much pressure for him to handle.

Steelers 31 Bears 17

Josh Sunderbruch

I'll believe the Bears break 20 when I see it. If Glennon was giving away points against the Buccaneers, I can only imagine what it will be like against Pittsburgh.

E.J. Snyder

I think I said 28-17 Steelers on WCG Radio this week. I'll stick to that.

Steelers 28 Bears 17

Andrew Link

I can't imagine that much is different from last week except Pittsburgh has a better offense and Glennon will be uber careful with the ball. Defense or special teams comes up with a score and the offense is shutout of the end zone, as they should've been last week.

Steelers 34 Bears 13

Jack Silverstein

End of 1st quarter: Steelers 7, Bears 3

Jack: "Wow, great 1st quarter."

End of 2nd quarter: Steelers 17, Bears 10

Jack: "Can you believe even after Glennon's two picks that we're right in this thing?"

End of 3rd quarter: Steelers 24, Bears 10

Jack: "We played them pretty much even that quarter."

End of game: Steelers 38, Bears 10


Andrew: "No garbage time points? That's Glennon's specialty!"

Josh: "Yeah, you should at least tack on a field goal, right?


Sam Householder

The Bears get a touchdown, I don't know by who or when and does it really matter? I fully expect this game to be ugly. Expect the worst, hope for the best.

Steelers 41 Bears 13

Jacob Infante

The Steelers have too much offensive firepower for the Bears to contain. And while Pittsburgh's defense isn't the greatest, they've allowed the fourth-least amount of total yardage over the past two weeks. They should continue their hot start against a Chicago offense that lacks talent in several areas.

Steelers 31 Bears 13

Steven Schweickert

Just too much offense on the Steelers side, and nowhere near enough offense on the Bears' side to keep the ball out of the Steelers' hands. After the last two games I'm not sure WHERE the Bears get their 16 points, but they do.

(Also the "defensive breakdown" would have kept the Bears in it until the fourth quarter if they didn't break down, so by virtue of the game being "in reach", Glennon stays the starter.)

Steelers 31 Bears 16

Patti Curl

Pittsburgh lays a stinker on the road in a game they are supposed to win roughly once a year. I'm counting on the Steelers handing the Bears this game as generously as the Bears handed Tampa Bay last Sunday's disaster. I'm currently feeling depressed about the Bears offense, and I remain pessimistic about the defenses ability to score points off turnovers, but a safety is definitely a possibility for this front seven. Coincidentally, I'm betting the under this week.

Bears 2 Steelers 0

Ken Mitchell

We cannot possibly win, so we will.

Bears 24 Steelers 21

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