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Bears vs Steelers Postgame Reaction: Bears beat the Steelers 23-17 in overtime and I’m not upset

Jordan Howard leads the Bears to their first win of the season

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

For the full delicious box score details of this beautiful game, check somewhere that keeps track of those details, like here.

The Bears came out to Soldier Field in their Monsters-of-the-Midway throwback outfits and they did the Jersey’s proud, holding the Steeler’s to 17 points. It was nerve-wracking to watch as a Bears fan waiting for the other shoe to fall, but the Bears actually pulled it off. They won! It happened! It’s real!

Mike Glennon

came out with the training wheels on, not attempting much more than screen pass in the first quarter but executing his handoffs without a hitch. The playbook opened up a bit after the Steeler’s tied the game, and he had some terrific tosses, including a perfectly-placed deep ball that was dropped by Markus Wheaton amid some friendly pass interference from Artie Burns. His TD pass to Adam Shaheen was a freebie, and I don’t mind that at all. All I want from my lanky QB1 is to protect the ball and execute on the freebies. Keep throwing with those feet set, MG8!

Glennon pulled out the sneaky athleticism on a surprise keeper rushing for a beautiful two yard gain. Later he ran for a graceful two-yard dive, helping set up a 47-yard field goal that Connor Barth would miss.

I suppose I’m obligated to point out that he held on to the ball too long on multiple occasions and had some questionable pre-snap reads, running into over-stacked boxes with soft one-on-one coverage on the outside and once failing to account for an unblocked rusher who came in for a big sack. His interception looked like he was expecting Miller to pivot in place and Miller hooked right after the ball was released. I’ll blame that on miscommunication. The almost interception he threw to Deonte Thompson later was just a bad throw, however.

Bears running game is was is was is baack!

Jordan Howard put his stamp on the game in the first quarter, with an 7 yard run that ended with a potent angry-bear push for an extra yard as Steeler defenders had to pile up to finally make the tackle. He finished the drive with a 2nd down rushing touchdown, driving it in a down before he really needed to just to show off. Howard continued to plow through the Steelers all game, breaking tackles like they were Kevin White’s bones. Favorite Jo Ho play? 3rd and two and he shakes off two hits in the backfield to run forward for a 5 yard gain. Least favorite play? A solid run in the third that ended with him grimacing in pain from his right shoulder. Howard kept coming in and out of the game after that but still looked hurt. Get well soon Jo Ho!

Cohen had a few no gain attempts to remind us how valuable Jo Ho’s powerful high-momentum running talent is, but redeemed himself with an incredible should-have-been touchdown run which should have sealed the win, chicken-salading across the field like he was still playing against garbage college defenses.

Special Teams Olympian

A little luck came the Bears way early in the first when the Steeler’s made a big mistake dropping a punt. Sherrick McMannis was there to scoop up the muffed pigskin. McMannis came up big again on the blocked field-goal. I don’t really know what the term “special teams ace” means, but this seems like something a special teams ace would do.

Run Defense fighting well through injuries

Le’Veon Bell did some patient Le’Veon-ing to get a few good runs, but overall, the Bears front seven was stout against the running game without Jerrell Freeman or Nick Kwiatkoski there to help. As long as Eddie Goldman and Akiem Hicks stay healthy, I think the Bears front will be competitive against most O lines.

Penalties remain a problem for the Bumbling Bears

Starting with Kyle Fuller getting a completely-unnecessary Pass Interference penalty on a more-or-less uncatchable short pass toward Martavis Bryant. Penalties on the Bears kept them from ever putting the game out of reach for the Steelers. Notable contributors were Bradley Sowell with two false starts in the same drive, and Roy Robertson-Harris on a punt return bringing the ball back from the mid-40s to the 9.


Nobody wants to get excited about the Bears’ secondary, but there was some nice play from the corners today. Kyle Fuller had a beautiful swat against a deep ball to Antonio Brown that could have easily broken for a touchdown if caught. On that same drive, Prince Amukumara deflected a deep ball to Bryant: this after deflecting a touchdown for JuJu Smith Schuster earlier in the half.

Marcus Cooper Sr.

Played pretty well as a corner back, but then turned a heroic opportunity into the most mind-boggling end-zone aversion slow-down on a blocked kick return. The result was a bizarre turn of events that resulted in 3 points instead of 7.

That you Marcus for reminding us what it feels like to be a Bears’ fan. We were starting to get too excited.

The Bears Pass Rush

took most of the day off. Hopefully it will be fresh for the Packers on Thursday. Love seeing Green Bay’s special boy Rodgers go down.

Markus Wheaton

showed he could fit in seamlessly as a Bears receiver by dropping the first two passes that reached his paws.

Bears are winners

And the Steelers are losers. This feels good to me.