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NFL Power Rankings: Are the Chicago Bears trending upwards?

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NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

This has already been a weird year for the Chicago Bears. Week one, they played one of the best teams in the NFL really tough, but ultimately fell short. Week two, they went to Tampa and were embarrassed. Week three, they bounced back against one of the better teams in the league, and actually held on for the win.

While watching live, it was an ugly game, but now that I’ve had some time to reflect on it, it was an impressive ground and pound, old school win.

Let’s take a look at how the 1-2 Bears are looking according to the league wide power rankers.

SB Nation is doing things a bit different this year, and instead of power rankings, they go with hope rankings. The Bears are all the up to 18th after being at 27 last week. Are Bears’ fans that much more hopeful after one win?

Revenge of the Birds, the SB Nation that covers the Arizona Cardinals, gave their power rankings in GIF form, and with the Bears at 26th, they got this GIF.

Over at ESPN, they’re pimping out their Total QBR stat again, and they have the Bears up to 23rd from 27th

Mike Glennon: 27.8 Total QBR. Glennon's average pass has been the second shortest in the NFL so far this season, which hasn't helped his overall efficiency, since his Total QBR ranks 27th in the league. With games against the Packers, Vikings, Ravens and Panthers upcoming, we might see Mitchell Trubisky sooner rather than later.

The Washington Post has the Bears up to 25 from 29.

The Bears revved up the running game in their OT triumph over the Steelers but still didn’t get much production from QB Mike Glennon. It still feels like just a matter of time until rookie Mitchell Trubisky takes over, doesn’t it?

The Sporting News has it like this.

25. Chicago Bears 1-2 (last week: 28)

Jordan Howard become His Groundness after playing so well while hurt and finishing off Pittsburgh. The Bears are going to be up and down, and as long as that happens, it will be more of Mike Glennon at QB.

This week: at Packers, facing yet another elite QB

His Groundness?

I kinda like that! has the Bears at 27.

Note to self: Don't sleep on the Bears at home this season.

Don’t sleep on the Bears? Is that a little respect I smell?

The USA Today moved the Bears all the way up to 23 from 30 last week.

Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen are quickly making a loud argument that they could be the preeminent running back tandem in the league.

Yahoo has the Bears only up 1?

27. Chicago Bears (1-2, LW: 28)

Just think, the Bears are really, really close to being 2-1 with wins over the Falcons and Steelers. They’ll be an interesting late-season team when the schedule gets much easier.

The Bears are up 6 spots according to, all the way up to 21.

Nice effort by the Bears in the win over the Steelers, as Chicago continues to surprise folks this season. Love watching the tandem of Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen, which feels less like a running back committee and more like the result of an offensive mindset: Push the ball downfield behind a talented line while creating occasional mismatches in the passing game through the use of the running backs. Additionally, the front seven in Chicago has impressed against both the Falcons' Devonta Freeman and the Steelers' Le'Veon Bell. Mike Glennon is still a concern, as Pittsburgh could've won the game, were it not for dropped interceptions.

The Chicago Tribune has their Power Rankings in a slideshow format, so...

What are your thoughts on the power rankings this week?