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Can the Chicago Bears keep up this style of play?

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Ground and pound.

It’s an offense as old as the NFL, and while there have been plenty of wrinkles to the modern NFL rushing attack, at the heart of it, it’s still line up and kick the other guys ass across from you.

I love it.

But can it work in today’s NFL?

It can, but there has to be some complimentary pieces on your offense. A smart quarterback that won’t turn the ball over is a must. But that quarterback also has to provide an occasional threat to opposing defenses, otherwise, the ground and pound will become too predictable.

You need a talented pass catcher or two, again, just to keep defenses honest.

A decent defense would be nice as well, because if you’re going to a slow down, grind it out game, then you can’t get caught up in a shoot out. A defense than can get off the field on third downs is a must.

In my latest episode of T Formation Conversation (Subscribe now on iTunes!), I discuss the game-plan the Chicago Bears used to take out the Pittsburgh Steelers and speculate if that’s something the Bears could use moving forward.

As you can probably imagine, I also give my take on the rookie quarterback sitting on the bench for the Bears.

I also give my thoughts on how the Bears can upset the Packers on Thursday night.

Give it a listen and chime in below!