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Bears vs Packers week 4 TNF recap: Bears bumble their way to embarrassing 35-14 loss

In the 195th matchup between these rivals, the Packers gain the series lead for the first time in 80 years.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers
Leonard Floyd convinces Rodgers to lay down and RELAX for a bit during the second quarter.

Coming off a some momentum after seeing good things happen for the Bears last week, I came into the game with unrealistic expectations. I paid the price for getting my hopes up, and I'm sure many Bears fans felt similar as the Bears put up an embarrassing performance against their overrated rivals on prime time, 35-14.

If you want to look at the depressing box score, go ahead here.

Color Rush

Bears looked great in their all Navy outfits. Green Bay failed to understand the point of color rush and wore all white. Tasteless even if it wasn't after Labor Day.

Run Defense

The defense couldn't have started out in a more discouraging way with Ty Montgomery and an injured offensive line facing no opposition pushing the ball down the field. Things hit a low when an injury to Eddie Goldman's left leg required an injury time out. Ty Montgomery was injured too, and the Pack-centric broadcast focused on that while John Jenkins was in for Goldman. Jenkins definitely looked like a backup until Goldman came back—again without information about his injury. Hope you're okay Eddie!

The defense didn't have much easier of a time stopping Aaron Jones either. It seems like the losses of Kwiatkoski and Freeman are starting to hit home.

First offensive play is a strip sack

Clay Matthews beat Dion Sims on the first Bears offensive play and strip-sacked an unaware Mike Glennon. It took everything I had not to vomit when they showed his smug face celebrating his too-easy turnover.


The bumbling Bears continue to have unacceptable turnovers at a record-targeting rate. Mike Glennon's lack of pocket awareness and Dion Sims failed block were responsible for the first, and then a miscommunication from Whitehair and Glennon caused the next. The position switching that Robert has warned against is showing more signs of the Danieal Manning Syndrome.

Glennon's first interception was a very off-target throw on a quick pass. I suspect he didn't have his feet set right, but I will have to wait for game pass to double check.

Glennon's second interception was another off-target throw. This time he did have his feet set, but had pressure coming at him from an aging once-decent Packers linebacker.

Packers Defense

Packers usually play a "nitro" defense as their base which is a modified dime with a safety in a linebacker spot. They came out as a standard 3-4 base to stop the Bears' running game. Unfortunately, it worked better than I would like, but Jo Ho is ultimately unstoppable.

Sacks of joy

There is no low I can get to in a game that I won't be brought out of for a moment of giddy glee by watching Aaron Rodgers brought down by a sack. I love some Pernell McPhee smoshery, but seeing Leonard Floyd get in and finish was the game highlight for me.


In a decent drive after the rain delay, the Bears had a holding penalty taking back a 15 yard run followed by a drop and a false start to turn a first down into 2nd and 25... 30 yards further back. I should be used to this as a Bears fan but it drives me crazy every time.

Glennon had a strip sack, and botched snap grab, and two poorly-thrown interception. But Pro Bowlers Long and Sitton both had their own penalties.

Worse than a mistake

Danny Trevathan's helmet-to-helmet on Davante Adams when he was already stopped cost the Bears a touchdown and may have cost Adams much more. This is not how I want to see Bears play, and it was especially upsetting to see Trevathan not showing any remorse while Adams was dragged off in a stretcher. More hits like this and he could face suspension. He's an important player and important leader on the team who needs to set a better example.

In my mind, this is worse than Marcus Cooper's ridiculous gaff last week. Football is a physical sport, but that doesn't make it okay to put another player in unnecessary danger.

Glennon's first half two-minute drill

Glennon had a nice two minute drill where he executed against soft coverage for a touchdown. Unfortunately, at that point, he had already had 3 turnovers and even I was too devastated by those to appreciate some decent play from our free agent quarterback.

The Bears passing game needs to bear Wright

I've been tooting Wright's horn since the Bears signed him, and I think he proved to any doubters that he's the best receiver on the team today. Easy touchdown aside, he consistently got open and actually caught the balls that were thrown to him.

Jo Ho is a Super Stud

And I am truly grateful for his continued presence as a silver lining in Bears losses.

Favorite Moment

3rd and 7 down in the fourth. Deonte Thompson runs a five yard curl, turns around and literally sits down while catching the ball.

This was not a good game for the Bears and not a fun time to be a Bears fan. Green Bay may be a good team, but they didn't have to be to win today. The Bears embarrassed themselves on a big stage tonight. There was some good play from the defense, from the running backs, and even from Glennon when he wasn't causing turnovers, but none of it amounted to anything to overcome the disappointments.