The 2018 Chicago Bears Head Coach is...

I'm truly curious to see what your thoughts are on potential head coaches for the Bears since OBVIOUSLY Fox will not be sticking around next year. Also, it's worth pointing out that many OCs and DCs from around the league come up in these conversations as the year progresses, and given how far we are, most haven't really emerged yet (although keep an eye of KCs OC). Also wonder whether it would even be worth it to fire Fox during the season given our coordinators (maybe Fangio could step up) and then force ourselves into an awkward situation when we have to fire them, because no interim would take a demotion well. Other names that come to mind for me personally are as follows

  • John Gruden- I think this team will really show whether Gruden REALLY has coaching at the NFL level still in him. This team would be arguably one of the most talented teams looking for a HC that he's seen and would likely be very interested in developing Trubisky. I've been told that he usually has a 4-3 scheme on defense and though there would likely be big personnel changes there, it would likely work after a couple years (and one would hope that the offense would be able to make up for the learning on D).
  • Edgar Bennet (?)- Green Bays offensive coordinator since 2015, working with Rodgers has likely taught him a few things about mobile QBs and how to optimize the talent around them (every uear it seems they have no name receivers going 600+ yards and 6+ TDs and maybe he can get Trubisky to be able to do that as well). Also worth noting he did play for the Bears for a year.
  • Josh McDaniels- I know, "another former Broncos coach?" and yes, he didn't do well his first time around...but he was stuck with Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton (those names sound familiar). He's been with New England for all 5 of their Belichickian super bowl wins and that's not a coincidence I'm thinking. Unlike Fox, he's young, doesn't seem set in his ways or afraid to bench players if need be (benched Marshall in DEN for disciplinary issues) and has worked with the (imo) greatest head coach of all time. Certainly he's learned some things from him that could benefit the Bears.

So there is a just a few off the top of my head. Like I said, I'm sure others will follow as the year goes on. And one final note, if they were to fire Pace, I would like to suggest Mike Mayock as a candidate. He was a person of interest for the Redskins GM position and I personally think he scouts prospects better than anyone on television.

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