Former Chicago Bears - Where Are They Now?

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I took a moderately shallow dive into the 2017 NFL final 53 rosters to see how some of our former Bears are doing. Check it out. There are definitely some guys here who surprised me.

2016 Roster

QB - Jay Cutler - he took his smokin' bare-backed twitchy interview hot wife anti-vax talents to the announcers booth... and then to south beach.

QB - Brian Hoyer - SOMEHOW is the starter for the 49ers. Maybe Kyle Shanahan can get a Rick Gannon-esque career makeover for him. Remember, the 49ers passed on Trubisky... never forget.

QB - Matt FREAKING Barkley - got beat out by CJ Beathard as the 49ers backup QB and got himself cut. He also couldn't even land on the practice squad with the 49ers electing to go with the incredibly hot... let me look this up one second, Nick... Mullens? from Southern Mississippi?

QB - David Fales - with a last name like that i'm surprised he hasn't found NFL success yet. Adam Gase gave him a shot in MIami to be Jay Cutlers backup but Fales got cut. He didn't even make the practice squad with the Dolphins electing to go with Smokin' Brandon Doughty as their PS QB.

RB - Paul Lasike - currently unemployed... and hasn't tweeted since 2016 leading me to worry...

WR - Eddie Royal - cut back in May, never even got on with a team in 2017. I'll always remember him for how well he did when he wasn't a Bear

WR - Marquess Wilson - he brought his 1 1/2 feet over to the Jets garbage WR room. The J.E.T.S. ultimately decided to start a roller skate with a butterfly net taped to it as their WR3 instead of Wilson and cut him mid preseason.

TE - Logan Paulsen - that no blocking waste of space was a final cut of the 49ers but is expected to re-sign at some point.

TE - Greg Scruggs - Remember him? After he couldn't crack the 2016 Bears Roster he was signed by the Pats, got hurt, and went on the IR. Then he proceeded to get himself a Super Bowl ring in 2016! Good on him. He's not been touched by an NFL team in 2017.

OL - Ted Larsen - Larsen filled in admirably for injured Bears last season. He signed with Adam Gase and the Dolphins, was expected to start at Guard, but tore his biceps and will miss at least the first half of the season.

OL - Mike Adams - our swing OT (ended up starting some games) is unemployed in 2017.

OL - Cornelius Edison - our PS Center hero is now a PS Center hero for the Vikings in 2017. He just keeps sticking around!

DL - Will Sutton & Ego Ferguson - Thanks to Phil Emery these two will forever be linked in Bears fans minds. Ego signed with the Packers, failed a physical, was cut, then signed with the Lions, and never made final cuts.. even on their paper thin DL. Will Sutton seemed to fair a little better with the Vikings, but he never made the final 53 either. By all accounts it seems like he was at least CLOSE to making the roster... which Ego certainly wasn't.

DL - Cornelius Washington - the big man is expected to start at DE for the LIons this year opposite Ezekial Ansah. He could be in for breakout year. Good luck to him smooshing Aaron Rodgers reel gud!

S - Harold Jones Quartey - Finished 2nd on the team in tackles last season, couldn't make final cuts this year and is currently a FA

CB - Tracey Porter - our #1 CB for 2015/16 is still unemployed.... ouchies

CB's - Devante Bausby - was re-signed by the Chiefs, and by most accounts impressed in preseason, was thought to make the roster, but was a final cut. He wasn't brought back on the practice squad either. Demontre Hurst didn't make final cuts or PS with the Titans. Did any of you even see him in the preseason game 3? I don't recall seeing him. Jacoby Glenn also signed with the Chiefs but never made the final team.

TE - Mycole Pruitt - couldn't make the Bears 53 in 2017, but got signed by the Bills to their practice squad in 2017

2015 Roster

Let's get the big ones out of the way first. Matt Forte is still the "starter" at RB for the Jets. God speed to him on that joke of a team. Martellus Bennett keeps downgrading at QB, first getting Tom Brady and now Aaron Rodgers. I bet he stays up at night dreaming of when he can be with Jay Cutler again. Jimmy Clausen followed Trestman to the Ravens, even started a game for injured Joe Flacco but sucked it up and was replaced by Ryan Mallett. Clausen is out of the NFL in 2017.

OL - Matt Slauson - He's going to start again this year at OG/C for the Chargers. Good for him. Such a likable dude.

OL - Patrick Omameh - He's been battling all preseason to win the starting LG job with the Jaguars. From Big Cat Country

the position group still isn’t settled. The team has gone back and forth between Patrick Omameh, Earl Watford, Tyler Shatleyand Luke Bowanko at the left guard position, but no one seems to have grabbed it.

Who the heck are all of those guys? Also, Shatley is perhaps the best last name ever.

OL - Vlad Ducasse - He ALMOST won the starting RG job with the Buffalo Bills but is now on their team as a backup OG. He would have been starting next to RT Jordan Mills (more on him later)... which i just find comical.

OL - Jermon Bushrod - He contemplated retirement but changed positions from OT to OG and started (badly) for the Dolphins all last year. From what I can tell online, he's going to start (badly) at RG for the Dolphins in 2017 as well.

OL - Will Montgomery - After the Bears injury settlement he's been retired. A quick peek at his twitter though, he's recently said some nice things about some former Bears. Check it out

Twitter Link

RB - Jacquizz Rodgers - Cut by the Bears in 2016, he played well for Tampa Bay last season with the muscle hamster out. He's back again this year as a #2 RB option. He's still only 27 years old this season!

RB - Senorise Perry - Adam Gase and Co down in Miami like him. He made the final 53 man roster as the RB3 on the Dolphins this year. I always liked the way he ran the ball.

DL - Jarvis Jenkins - Remember him? He's still on the Chiefs as a backup rotational 3/4 D-Lineman!

DL - Brandon Dunn - another Remember Him? He was on the practice squad for most of 2016 with the Houston Texans, he actually made the final 53 roster in 2017! That's a tough defense to crack! Lucky duck.

LB - Shea McClellin - The pride of New Lenox IL Rob Ninkovich retired (I grew up in New Lenox) and cleared a path for Shea... but Shea was Shea and couldn't stay a healthy Shea and is now an IR'd Shea on the Patriots defense. Poor guy can't catch a break.

LB - Lamin Barrow - He was on the Dolphins PS all of 2016 and in 2017 he was waived/ IR'd by the Dolphins all the way back in July.

K - Robbie Gould - Many people were upset when he was cut by the Bears in 2015, but he ended up kicking modestly well for the Giants in 2016, and in 2017 he's won the starting job for the 49ers. He's still ticking and kicking!

Hot Takes - OL Nick Becton was cut by the Lions at final cuts. Tayo Fabuluje is still out of the NFL. I wonder what the real story with him was? TE Rob Housler was cut by the patriots back in May 2017. TE Khari Lee couldn't latch on with the Lions this year but signed on with.... guess who.... the Buffalo Bills. He's currently on their final 53. Marc Mariani served as the Titans KR/PR for a time in 2016 but is out of the NFL in 2017. Safety Brock Vereen retired and unretired during the Patriots 2016 preseason... and then they got sick of him and cut him... Too bad... he might have got a ring.

To wrap this up here are some Bears who are actually still kicking it (not literally kickers) in the NFL today.

OT - Jordan Mills - He outright won the Buffalo Bills RT competition and will start AGAIN this season. I kinda think he got a raw deal when he was cut so quickly by Pace & Co. I'd have him back as a swing backup OT.

OL - Michael Ola - looked like he was gonna stick on the Bills O-Line again this year but ended up on the IR for 2017.

OG- Ryan Groy - he made a final 53 team roster.... guess which one.... cmon just guess. I'll give you a hint... It's not NOT the Bills...

DT - Stephen Paea - signed to a big deal and flamed out in Washington, he's now back with Hot Rod as a rotational DT on the Cowboys.

LB - Jon Bostic - dropped out on the Patriots and the Lions... and is actually going to start at MLB for the Colts in 2017. How bad must the Colts defense be.... he's also wearing the green dot and calling their defense... INSANITY!

WR - Eric Weems - After 2 seasons with the Falcons, he got signed recently by the Titans as a specialist in 2017

WR - Brandon Marshall - Got himself into a nice little situation with the Giants this season. He needs to stay healthy on the field and in the head

DE - Julius Peppers - It seems so long ago... but he actually signed a deal with the Carolina Panthers and will play rotational DE for them. The Energizer Bunny will see the field a lot more than people think this season.

TE - Greg Olsen - :(

LB - JT Thomas - He's STILL on the Giants. He's a backup LB and special teamer.

Redskins - LB Mason Foster is going to be one of their starting ILBs and will be the first ever NFLer to play exclusively in a wheelchair. DL Ziggy Hood is a rotational DT for them. P Tress Way is still going strong. Boy did the Bears gaffe on that one.

CB/S - Corey Graham - He's still in the league! He signed with the Eagles and made their final roster. He's currently listed as a Safety after being a CB for so many years.

DE - David Bass - made the roster as a rotational DE on the Seattle Seahawks. I think that's a great fit for him.

S - Chris Conte - Last on the charts but first in our hearts, Chris Conte recently signed a 2 year $5mill extension with the Bucs and was projected as the starting duo with Keith Tandy in the Buc's defense. The signing of TJ Ward will push one of those 2 to the bench... PRETTTTTTY Sure it's gonna be Conte.

STILL out of the NFL - Ryan Mundy, Antrel Rolle, Jay Ratliff, Tim Jennings, Lance Briggs, DJ Williams. All starters on our 2014 defense.

Finally, did you know that former Northwestern FB Danny Vitale actually made the Browns final 53 as their fullback this year? Kinda jelly...

That's all I could find. Did I miss anyone? Any thoughts on our former beloved Bears? Share in the comments below! Anyone in particular you would like to see a "Where are they now" article about? I've always thought about trying one of those...

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