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Windy City Gridiron predicts the 2017 NFL season

The WCG staff takes out it's collective crystal ball for the NFL in 2017.

New England Patriots Victory Parade Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

It's hard to believe sometimes, but 31 other NFL teams full of real players and people exist outside of the Chicago Bears' bubble. It's true. Look it up.

While the Bears are our obvious No. 1 priority here at Windy City Gridiron, it doesn't mean we don't pay attention to rest of the happenings around the league. For example, den master Ken Mitchell watched every single game in the NFL last year from start to finish. That's dedication and a love of football we all no doubt share (to a degree). We will bring our thoughts on the Bears' 2017 season and Week 1 later this week, but for now it's a focus outside of the Chicago realm.

On that note, outside of the sphere, we as a staff decided to poll together our best preseason predictions and thoughts on the NFL this year. Make no mistake: we know our football very well here at WCG, but some of us (mainly me) will without a doubt engage in the customary mocking of each other with every consequential incorrect prediction.

Let's read our tarot cards.

Division Picks

NFC North

Green Bay Packers v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Robert Zeglinski: Packers

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Packers

Ken Mitchell: Vikings

Josh Sunderbruch: Packers

Sam Householder: Packers

Jack Silverstein: Vikings

Jeff Berckes: Vikings

Andrew Link: Packers

Jacob Infante: Packers

Patti Curl: Lions

Superfans: Bears

NFC East

Detroit Lions v New York Giants Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Robert Zeglinski: Giants

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Giants

Ken Mitchell: Giants

Josh Sunderbruch: Giants

Sam Householder: Giants

Jack Silverstein: Giants

Jeff Berckes: Eagles

Andrew Link: Cowboys

Jacob Infante: Cowboys

Patti Curl: Giants

NFC South

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Robert Zeglinski: Falcons

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Panthers

Ken Mitchell: Falcons

Josh Sunderbruch: Panthers

Sam Householder: Falcons

Jack Silverstein: Panthers

Jeff Berckes: Buccaneers

Andrew Link: Panthers

Jacob Infante: Falcons

Patti Curl: Falcons

NFC West

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Robert Zeglinski: Seahawks

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Seahawks

Ken Mitchell: Cardinals

Josh Sunderbruch: Seahawks

Sam Householder: Cardinals

Jack Silverstein: Seahawks

Jeff Berckes: Cardinals

Andrew Link: Seahawks

Jacob Infante: Seahawks

Patti Curl: Seahawks

AFC East

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Robert Zeglinski: Patriots

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Patriots

Ken Mitchell: Patriots

Josh Sunderbruch: Patriots

Sam Householder: Patriots

Jack Silverstein: Patriots

Jeff Berckes: Patriots

Andrew Link: Patriots

Jacob Infante: Patriots

Patti Curl: Patriots

AFC South

Chicago Bears v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Robert Zeglinski: Titans

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Titans

Ken Mitchell: Titans

Josh Sunderbruch: Titans

Sam Householder: Titans

Jack Silverstein: Titans

Jeff Berckes: Titans

Andrew Link: Texans

Jacob Infante: Titans

Patti Curl: Titans

AFC North

Divisional Round - Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Robert Zeglinski: Steelers

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Steelers

Ken Mitchell: Steelers

Josh Sunderbruch: Steelers

Sam Householder: Steelers

Jack Silverstein: Steelers

Jeff Berckes: Steelers

Andrew Link: Bengals

Jacob Infante: Steelers

Patti Curl: Bengals

AFC West

Wild Card Round - Oakland Raiders v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Robert Zeglinski: Chargers

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Raiders

Ken Mitchell: Chiefs

Josh Sunderbruch: Raiders

Sam Householder: Raiders

Jack Silverstein: Raiders

Jeff Berckes: Chargers

Andrew Link: Raiders

Jacob Infante: Raiders

Patti Curl: Chiefs

Wild Cards

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Robert Zeglinski: Cardinals and Panthers (NFC), Raiders and Chiefs (AFC)

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Vikings and Falcons (NFC), Dolphins and Chiefs (AFC)

Ken Mitchell: Packers and Panthers (NFC), Raiders and Chargers (AFC)

Josh Sunderbruch: Cowboys and Vikings (NFC), Dolphins and Chiefs (AFC)

Sam Householder: Seahawks and Buccaneers (NFC), Chiefs and Dolphins (AFC)

Jack Silverstein: Packers and Cardinals (NFC), Dolphins and Texans (AFC)

Jeff Berckes: Seahawks and Falcons (NFC), Raiders and Texans (AFC)

Andrew Link: Buccaneers and Falcons (NFC), Dolphins and Steelers (AFC)

Jacob Infante: Buccaneers and Giants (NFC), Chiefs and Dolphins (AFC)

Patti Curl: Cardinals and Panthers (NFC), Raiders and Chargers (AFC)

Super Bowl LII

New York Giants v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Robert Zeglinski: Falcons over Patriots (MVP, Matt Ryan)

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Patriots over Giants (Tom Brady)

Ken Mitchell: Patriots over Giants (Brady)

Josh Sunderbruch: Raiders over Giants (Derek Carr)

Sam Householder: Raiders over Giants (Carr)

Jack Silverstein: Giants over Texans (Brandon Marshall)

Jeff Berckes: Steelers over Cardinals (Ben Roethlisberger)

Andrew Link: Patriots over Seahawks (Brady)

Jacob Infante: Patriots over Cowboys (Brady)

Patti Curl: Seahawks over Raiders (C.J. Prosise)

Superfans: Bears over Patriots (Mitchell Trubisky)


New York Giants v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Robert Zeglinski: Aaron Rodgers

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Marcus Mariota

Ken Mitchell: J.J. Watt

Josh Sunderbruch: Tom Brady

Sam Householder: Tom Brady

Jack Silverstein: Eli Manning

Jeff Berckes: Ben Roethlisberger

Andrew Link: Tom Brady

Jacob Infante: Derek Carr

Patti Curl: Khalil Mack

Superfans: Jordan Howard

Offensive Player Of The Year

Divisional Round - Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Robert Zeglinski: Le'Veon Bell

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Le'Veon Bell

Ken Mitchell: Matt Ryan

Josh Sunderbruch: Odell Beckham Jr.

Sam Householder: Antonio Brown

Jack Silverstein: Le'Veon Bell

Jeff Berckes: David Johnson

Andrew Link: Rob Gronkowski

Jacob Infante: Aaron Rodgers

Patti Curl: A.J. Green

Superfans: Jordan Howard

Defensive Player Of The Year

Carolina Panthers v Oakland Raiders Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Robert Zeglinski: Leonard Floyd

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Joey Bosa

Ken Mitchell: Leonard Floyd

Josh Sunderbruch: Khalil Mack

Sam Householder: J.J. Watt

Jack Silverstein: J.J. Watt

Jeff Berckes: Khalil Mack

Andrew Link: Khalil Mack

Jacob Infante: Khalil Mack

Patti Curl: Eddie Goldman

Superfans: Leonard Floyd

Offensive Rookie Of The Year

Pittsburgh Steelers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Robert Zeglinski: Christian McCaffrey

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Christian McCaffrey

Ken Mitchell: Leonard Fournette

Josh Sunderbruch: Christian McCaffrey

Sam Householder: Christian McCaffrey

Jack Silverstein: Deshaun Watson

Jeff Berckes: Dalvin Cook

Andrew Link: Leonard Fournette

Jacob Infante: Leonard Fournette

Patti Curl: Joe Mixon

Superfans: Tarik Cohen

Defensive Rookie Of The Year

New Orleans Saints v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

(Robert's note: This pick was made before announcement of a high ankle sprain for Garrett.)

Robert Zeglinski: Myles Garrett

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Myles Garrett

Ken Mitchell: Myles Garrett

Josh Sunderbruch: Solomon Thomas

Sam Householder: T.J. Watt

Jack Silverstein: Myles Garrett

Jeff Berckes: Myles Garrett

Andrew Link: Myles Garrett

Jacob Infante: Myles Garrett

Patti Curl: Derek Barnett

Superfans: Eddie Jackson

Coach Of The Year

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins Photo by Joe Skipper/Getty Images

Robert Zeglinski: Anthony Lynn (LAC)

Lester Wiltfong Jr.: Mike Mularkey (TEN)

Ken Mitchell: Bill Belichick (NE)

Josh Sunderbruch: Mike Mularkey

Sam Householder: Adam Gase (MIA)

Jack Silverstein: Adam Gase

Jeff Berckes: Anthony Lynn

Andrew Link: Adam Gase

Jacob Infante: Jack Del Rio (OAK)

Patti Curl: Kyle Shanahan (SF)

Superfans: John Fox (Da Bears)

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