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Fantasy Football Week 1 Thread

A platform for start / sit and trade questions

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots
If you drafted Kareem Hunt, take your victory lap now
Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

This year, we’re going to do something a little different for our fantasy football fans. Instead of writing up an elaborate column that, frankly, duplicates the efforts of paid professionals on sites like CBS, ESPN, Rotoworld, Yahoo!, Fox, etc., we’re going to have a forum each week for you to ask your questions. So, bring your start / sit questions along with juicy trade offers. I and your fellow readers can help with the difficult decisions along the path to fantasy football glory.

My draft season ended last night with a live auction draft while the Patriots and Chiefs played. Auctions are the way to go and participating in a live auction is a lot of fun, although they usually take a really long time. After spending $34 of my $100 on David Johnson, I filled my squad with a few $1 players while others spent up their fake cash. I finished with a decent team featuring Johnson and DeMarco Murray but relying on breakouts from the likes of Alshon Jeffery, Devante Parker, Corey Coleman, and / or Corey Davis. I like all of those guys this year but they are dice rolls. That’s the beauty of an auction though - you can spend your draft capital in a way that makes sense to you and not rely on a snake draft to have a guy fall into your lap. However, there are consequences to paying for a guy like Johnson.

Overall, I didn’t draft a perfect team anywhere this year but I like a lot of the players I’m rolling with. My favorite players at the draft table this year, as evidenced by multiple appearances across my 4 squads, were Drew Brees, Doug Martin, Alvin Kamara (sleeper), Keenan Allen, Corey Coleman, Corey Davis, and Hunter Henry. In looking back, I have a ton of representation from the NFC South, my favorite division, and zero players from the NFC North. Part of that is playing with Bears fans and part of that is a lack of interest in cheering - even mildly - for guys that wear green and yellow.

Hit the comment section with your draft experiences, what players you’re high on this year, and any start / sit or trade questions you have.