Drafting Needs is Dead

Some in this community think the First Round of the NFL Draft is for getting the player that fills a roster need. For decades, so did the Bears and we see where that has gotten us.

A top 10 pick is for getting a player that is too talented to ever hit free agency, that possesses elite physical skills that will never be found later in the draft and finding talent that causes matchup problems. That's it. That's the whole ballgame.

The Bears are drafting eighth and if they stay there, the best non-QB/RB should be the pick, regardless of position.

I don't think Pace goes cornerback in the first as Fuller looks like a #1 and in the modern NFL, it's more important to go 4 deep at league average than it is to have a single guy. Bottom line, only elite and terrible corners impact enough plays to make it worth the cost. I have barely started looking, but unless there's a Jalen Ramsey in this draft, I expect Pace to keep looking for above average players at fair market price after locking up Fuller.

I could see a case for an Offensive Tackle, but Massie and Leno are a league average pair. As zone schemes take over the run game, expect Pace to invest in Whitehair and look to poach 2013 draft picks entering their second contracts without starting roles from teams with analogous run games- Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Buffalo.

Orlando Pace or Jake Long will never fall to #8 and when teams draft need at OT it's almost always disastrous: Greg Robinson, Eric Fisher, Jake Matthews, etc.

Safety is out of the question. Adrian Amos was a PFF All Pro and Eddie Jackson has us salivating with his playmaking ability.

What's next? Wide Receiver? If Pace looks at his board and doesn't see a truly rare combination of height, weight and speed, he's going to pass. Too many teams in college football throw the ball, this position is not scarce in any way. Kevin White like physical attributes are extremely rare and that's why that pick was made. Just sign some pros, maybe a starter like Paul Richardson to play next to Cam and know Kevin White's make or break year will be just that. Kendall Wright earned the right to be back in the slot for another year.

This leaves us with the defensive front seven. I believe the pick will be the best front seven player, regardless of position because they have the ability to impact 100% of an opposing offense's plays. Expect Pace to try to find his JJ Watt, Aaron Donald OR his Patrick Willis OR his Kalil Mack.

Picking eighth with three QBs and 2 OTs expected to go in the first 7 is the chance to pick near the top of your board on defense. This is the range that we see elite pass rushers and interior D-Linemen dry up.

Again, my flag is planted on Roquan Smith but keep your eyes on the combine for the heaviest people with the fastest 3-Cone and Shuttle times to figure out who Ryan is going to take.

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.