Free Agent Targets

Rosenthal recently put out his top 25 free agents for 2018 and I'm curious if Pace will target any of them.

I've briefly commented on a few of them below:

1. Trumaine Johnson - CB - Rams - It's a nice dream but he will most likely command way more than the frugal Bears wish to spend, especially when they don't yet see their "window" coming for another couple years. It's too bad because this guy is in his prime at age 28.

2. Ezekiel Ansah - DE - Lions - I know what people are going to say; we don't need another Pernell McPhee. But it would be great to weaken a division rival while getting an aggressive pass rusher at the same time. Plus it's always nice to add a BYU guy.

3. Jarvis Landry - WR - Dolphins - This one I see as a legitimate option. We need a #1 receiver, Landry is not a #1 and we aren't likely to pay for a #1 on the open market. But, he is a solid slot receiver and major upgrade over anything we currently have. Pace has to spend some money on WR this year and not just hope for a healthy Meredith and White along with a lucky draft pick to solve their receiving woes.

4. Nate Solder - T - Patriots - Guy has been rock solid for years. While I like the inside of our O-line, the tackles leave a ton to be desired. He brings a veteran presence and anything he has learned from playing on a winning team and well run organization.

5. Star Lotulelei - DT - Panthers - There weren't any linebackers on the list, which is what we really need, but if we can't afford Ansah, then this would be a cheaper option.

Who would you go after?

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