The Bears New Age Offense

It was just the other day when another WCG member brought up the idea of what a new name for the offense that is currently being built in the Halls of Halas should be. This of course coming off the thing of beauty that was Fox ball. That lead me to decide to write my first FanPost here at WCG as that idea struck me as one that could use a little more exploring.

Here is the thing. True innovation can come from the successful collaboration of collective minds from young and talented individuals. The Edison factory was built with this exact principle in mind and generated a veritable golden age of inventions, patents and advancements that created much of the modern world as we now know it. In the town of Chicago where defense has reigned supreme for over a generation and where the 46 was born it almost seems absurd to think that we could be standing at the precipice of a novel offense the likes of which has never been seen in the NFL.

Now hear me out. I know it is far from a guarantee and that is beyond being a rosy picture but it is a possibility. There is also the very distinct possibility of the offense turning into a turd sandwich. However, I implore you all to just think of the offensive minds we have working in those hallowed halls right now and try to be even just a tad optimistic.

Our offensive coaches are young passionate and arguably intelligent. There also is the strong projection of a leader seeking collaboration rather than outright dominance or control. You have a guy fluent with the West Coast offense paired with a deadly RPO Spread offense that included Deep threat capabilities in a hurry up mode. Tie in some Arena league concepts and the offspring of that marriage has the potential to not only be a thing of beauty but to be game changing.

To put it another way. You have an Andy Reid inspired West Coast Offense being mixed with a Chip Kelly inspired RPO Spread Offense that was meshed with a Dick Koetter Vertical Passing Attack. Sprinkle in some hurry up concepts from an experienced OC and a couple odd personnel groupings from the Arena leagues and the babies could be magical.... or crap the bed.

So here is the thing. What do we think it should be called? Names such as the West Coast, Spread, and The Run and Gun often have roots in how they attack or where they are from. I know it is far to early to know what it will look like but sometimes names just spontaneously appear out of nowhere for these things and kind of stick. I can not imagine a better place than WCG for a name like this to somehow be spawned. Hell, even if it sucks we might as well call it something right?

I urge you all to answer my poll and to respond with some suggestions of your own. Let me know what you think!

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.