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Devin Hester had the best Super Bowl Moment

What is the best Super Bowl moment that you’ve ever seen?

It was one of those, ‘you’ll never forget where you were’ moments for me. I was at a friends townhouse sitting on his leather couch, my wife next to me, my buddy and his wife on the adjacent couch, and we were watching Super Bowl XLI on his big, newish flat-screen.

The Indianapolis ColtsAdam Vinatieri kicked off to the Chicago BearsDevin Hester and seconds later I was up off the couch, yelling and high fiving.

In my opinion this was the single greatest moment in my Super Bowl lifetime.

The game itself didn’t have a happy ending for Bears’ fans, but that opening was exhilarating.

The other Super Bowl the Bears were a part of, Super Bowl XX, was full of exciting plays, and the moment they actually hoisted the Lombardi Trophy was incredible, but for a single moment, I can’t remember being as excited back in 1986 as I was watching Hester run into the record books.

Now it’s your turn. What is the most exciting Super Bowl moment you ever saw?