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Check out WCG’s Andrew Link on CLTV

I made my television debut last night and got to talk some Bears with Jarrett Payton!

Andrew Link on Sports Feed

Thanks to a recommendation by Lester A. Wiltfong Jr., I was given the opportunity to take my Bears thoughts to the small screen. Having an opportunity to talk some football with Jarrett Payton on CLTV’s Sports Feed was a treat! He is a really good guy off-the-air as well for those who have never met him.

We mainly covered the news of the day, which of course, is centered around the new coaching staff. We discussed Matt Nagy’s fit as head coach and how offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich will impact the playbook. Of course the discussion wouldn’t be complete without also talking about how these moves will impact Mitch Trubisky and the running game.

When prompted for my favorite addition to the coaching staff, the answer was simple. Offensive line coach Harry Hiestand will have a huge impact in both the passing an running game. Check out Payton’s reaction to that answer (Spoiler: He approves!).

On the other side of the ball, we were both in agreement that bringing back Vic Fangio was a bonus for both the returning defensive players as well as for first-time head coach Matt Nagy.

While off-the-air, Payton and I discussed our love for Leonard Floyd, but on-the-air, Kyle Fuller was the main topic. My hope is that the bond formed between Fangio and Fuller during the last off-season is the catalyst for bringing back the veteran cornerback.

Well, there you have it, my first television appearance. What do you think, did I represent the WCG faithful well or do I need to work on my “camera presence?”

EDITOR: In case the above video embeds aren’t working on your browser, you can see Andrew dropping knowledge at