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What is your go to Super Bowl food?

We not only want to know what your favorite Super Bowl food is, but we want your recipes!

Guacamole, avocado based sauce, Mexico... Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images

Just writing this article is making my mouth water in anticipation of some primo Super Bowl grub. My Sunday menu isn’t even planned out yet, but I know it’ll be epic. I always do it up right for the big game. Even if it’s just me at home with the immediate family, I go all out.

I usually go with a pot of chili. I have no specific recipe, but my two “secret” ingredients are beer and steak. I always add a bottle or two of beer (a trick I picked up from a chef I used to work with), and some diced up steak provides a different texture than just ground beef. I’m also a beans guy. Kidney beans, chili beans, pinto beans and black beans all round up quite nicely in my chili. Chili with no beans just seems more like a condiment in my opinion. I also like to go with some heat, which is provided by some jalapeno peppers. And as for sour cream, that’s for baked potatoes not chili. I top my chili with some shredded cheese and eat it with some tortilla chips.

Speaking of tortilla chips, the proper dipping vessel is a large bowl of guacamole. Salsa is alright, but in my opinion, guac is the best way to go. Here’s a quick and easy way to make some guacamole at home. Get some pico de gallo from your favorite supermarket deli and add it to some ripened avocados. Easy “fresh and homemade” guac!

Staying on the tortilla chip theme, a good friend of mine always does a pulled pork nacho dish that was inspired by the ones he had at Ditka’s Restaurant. That may be on my menu, but when I cook a pork butt I like to get out my smoker, and it’s usually a 12-15 hour process. I’m not sure if the weather will cooperate this year.

I may go with some crock pot BBQ meatballs, which has become a classic party appetizer, and a buffalo chicken dip.

But what about you guys, what is your go to Super Bowl food?

And don’t just tell us, share your favorite recipes!