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WCG Confidence Board Version 1.0

Barring any trades, the Bears will pick 8th in the upcoming draft. Included here is a look at some of the talent that might be available.

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Penn State vs Washington
The consensus top prospect in the draft so far?
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From now until the draft, I am going to be running a tab on where different draft experts rank potential draft prospects. In order to qualify for inclusion, a board has to rank each position 1-10 or has to offer its Top 100 prospects. Right now, I have included five boards that meet these criteria: Matt Miller’s position ranks, Luke Easterling’s position ranks, Walter Football’s position ranks, NFL Draft Days’ Top 100 and DrafTek’s Top 100. If there is a public board that you want me to consider for inclusion, please leave it in the comments below.

Scoring is simple. A prospect would get a perfect score for being the #1 at his position on all boards and the #1 prospect overall. The value next to the player is how close each prospect is to earning that perfect score.

Please note that this ranking has nothing to do with my own evaluation of players. This is purely an aggregation of different major boards. It is actually the scoring system I used to determine whose video I’m was even going to watch last year (I looked for major splits in ranks and also for players who were consistently rated highly who I had not watched much of already). However, I thought WCG readers might appreciate a chance to see, on average, how major prospects were being evaluated.

After I include 10 total boards, I will probably run some actual analysis. Right now this is mostly just for fun.

Top 32 Prospects

Rank Player Position Master Score
Rank Player Position Master Score
1 Barkley, Saquon RB 99.20%
2 Rosen, Josh QB 97.80%
3 Fitzpatrick, Minkah S 96.60%
4 Wilkins, Christian DL 95.00%
5 James, Derwin S 94.20%
6 Chubb, Bradley EDGE 92.20%
7 McGlinchey, Mike OT 91.80%
8 Darnold, Sam QB 89.60%
9 Landry, Harold EDGE 89.40%
10 Ridley, Calvin WR 87.80%
11 Sutton, Courtland WR 86.00%
12 Jefferson, Malik LB 86.00%
13 Guice, Derrius RB 84.00%
14 Key, Arden EDGE 83.60%
15 Ward, Denzel CB 83.40%
16 Nelson, Quenton IOL 83.20%
17 Andrews, Mark TE 82.60%
18 Price, Billy IOL 81.60%
19 Jackson, Lamar QB 79.80%
20 Hurst, Maurice DL 77.20%
21 Payne, Da'Ron DL 75.00%
22 Williams, Connor OT 73.60%
23 Harrison, Ronnie S 70.00%
24 Allen, Josh QB 69.00%
25 Brown, Orlando OT 67.60%
26 Kirk, Christian WR 67.60%
27 Alexander, Jaire CB 64.60%
28 Hubbard, Sam EDGE 64.00%
29 Rudolph, Mason QB 63.20%
30 Vea, Vita DL 61.20%
31 Washington, James WR 60.40%
32 Smith, Braden IOL 60.00%
Top 32 Picks