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Is there a Bears’ trade that makes sense?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week there was a bit of smoke circulating about the Chicago Bears trading running back Jordan Howard to the Philadelphia Eagles. I personally don’t see it happening, but it was reported by a connected NFL insider, so that tells me there was likely an inquiry made on Philly’s behalf.

Even if Howard isn’t part of a trade, that doesn't mean the Bears aren’t going to be involved in a move before the October 30 trade deadline. Since the NFL moved the deadline back, we’ve seen an increase in trades.

ESPN’s Bill Barnwell recently looked at eleven trades that he feels could logically happen, and he has this one pinpointed for the Bears.

The details: Chicago Bears trade Cooper to Kansas City Chiefs for 2019 seventh-round pick.

It might be a surprise to some Bears fans that Cooper remains on the team, given that the 28-year-old hasn’t played much since infamously fumbling away a blocked field goal return on the 1-yard line against the Steelers last season. Cooper was benched shortly thereafter and cut from his four-year, $16 million contract after the season, although he re-signed with the Bears on a one-year, $1.5 million deal in March.

Chicago doesn’t have much use for Cooper barring a rash of injuries at cornerback, and while he has missed the past two games with a hamstring injury, he was in on just three defensive snaps before going down. Cooper started 11 games for Kansas City between 2013-15, and the Chiefs are the thinnest contender in football at cornerback.

As much as I would love to see the Bears get something back in return for a veteran that rarely plays, I just don’t see the Chiefs, or any team for that matter, being desperate enough to offer up a draft pick. A conditional seventh, maybe, but not a straight up 7th-round pick.

Cooper would know the scheme he’d be stepping into as his time in K.C. was spent with current Chiefs’ defensive coordinator Bob Sutton. But Cooper hasn’t been good during in time in Chicago. The Chiefs traded Cooper to the Arizona Cardinals in 2016 for a conditional seventh rounder before the Bears gave him the multi-year contract in 2017.

Moving a player in the last year of his deal — with a slim chance to resign with the Bears — probably makes the most sense, and here are a three players that meet that criteria with my thoughts on them getting traded.

WR - Kevin White: I know a lot of fans would love to see White moved for a draft pick, but he’s shown nothing through his career so far that would prompt a team to give anything up. At most, he’d fetch a conditional seventh.

TE - Daniel Brown: Brown has produced a bit as a move tight end when given the chance (29 receptions in ‘16 and ‘17), but there are plenty of players out there like Brown.

DL - Nick Williams: Williams is some veteran insurance that the Bears added just in case, but he’s the odd man out so far in their d-line rotation. I don’t see any value outside of Chicago.

And that’s really about it...

The way this roster is constructed I can’t see any trades taking place for general manager Ryan Pace, but knowing his aggressive nature, if someone comes calling I’ll bet he’d listen.

Are you guys expecting a Bears’ trade before the October 30 deadline?