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Week 6 Postgame: Bears wake up slowly from bye week nap, awkwardly bumble their way to excruciating 31 - 28 loss to Dolphins

It was another ugly day for the Bears, who kept themselves from win with a few giveaways, some crazy luck, and a lot more mistakes.

Chicago Bears v Miami Dolphins
I chose this picture when the Bears were winning. I’m keeping it to remind myself there were some nice moments.
Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images

The Bears came out sloppy and the Dolphins came out with a good game plan. Fast plays on offense were able to mitigate the Bears advantage at the line of scrimmage, and disguised coverages and tricky defenses kept poor Trubisky flustered throughout the Bears usually-successful scripted plays.

Early in the Bears 3 touchdown third quarter, it seemed like the universe was setting itself right and there was no hope for the Dolphins to come back.

The Dolphins put up a good effort. The Bears also let them come back into the game way too many times. This shouldn’t have been a competitive game, but the Bears repeatedly fumbled and bumbled their way into keeping it close, and then losing it all.

Full Box Score.

Rough start

The Bears didn’t look well rested after the bye. The defense didn’t pressure Osweiler and the Dolphins were able to creep forward with quick plays. The Bears offense failed to move the field position at all and the first few series ended in a humiliating Brock Osweiler passing touchdown.

Things didn’t improve quickly, but the Bears defense was just too much better than the Dolphins offense to continue giving leaking points while the offense found its footing.

Definitely the best Dowell Loggains play calling I’ve seen in a Bears game in over a year.

Good for Dowell.

Quarterback development isn’t linear

Trubisky missed his first two shots, and it started to look like he was going to revert to nervous, happy-footed rushed-throwing form that made us nervous earlier this season. A deep connection on an awe-inspiring catch by Taylor Gabriel late in the 2nd started to swing Biscuit in the right direction.

Once Trubisky regained his confidence, he started hitting his shots more consistently. He hit a streak similar to last week’s game before a poor-decision led to an interception. Biscuit definitely has some growing to do, but I what I loved today was his ability to keep driving with a clear head when the sky was falling around him.

Jo Ho Roller-coaster

Jordan Howard got a sizable serving of touches starting this game. He had a glee-inspiring 8 yard rumble throw a pile of hapless Dolphins. He got back to back goal line carries and looked to be in the end zone, but instead he had one to few paws on the ball and it popped out and rolled into the Dolphins greedy hands. He got the opportunity to redeem himself with two big runs to set the Bears up for their missed game-winning field goal opportunity. Besides, he was one of three running backs to fumble this game.

QB-sneak becoming a consistent option on short yards

Trubisky even leapt for an extra couple yards on the first. Hopefully this will be a card in the Bears back pocket for years to come.

I’m not mad at Leonard Floyd

Amendola was being a total brat trying to squirm forward when the play was over. Leonard has to do something to make it clear that he had control of that rascal. And let’s not forget, that roughing the passer penalty proves that he got to the passer.

Good Bear.

Hitting Tarik Cohen in stride is a very good idea

Amidst all the concerns about Trubisky’s off-target jitter throws earlier this season, it was easy to lose track of the fact that when he’s on, Trubisky has elite ball placement that can be a huge advantage when it allows a dynamic play-maker to continue carving up the field without interruption.

Too many illegal formation penalties this year

Nagy’s offense is creative and at times tricky. It seems to be tricking the Bears too frequently. Likely, this will get better with time, but it’s becoming a worrisome trend.

Also the defense could try tackling Albert Wilson at least once

The Bears defense struggled making tackles all game. Not just on Wilson’s two enormous touchdown-scoring runs after the catch. This is one thing that definitely needs to clean up quickly.

Hello Kyle

Fuller has made some mistakes this season. I’ve heard some whining about him not playing up to his contract. I don’t think I’ll be hearing many complaints about him this week. Sure, he was intercepting Brock Osweiler, but he did it twice. Once taking the Dolphins out of scoring range and once setting the Bears up for a 1 play score.

Protection troubles?

While Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks were struggling to get to Brock Osweiler in time to make plays, a couple of roster bottom-dwellers on the Dolphins slipped past Massie and Long to sack Trubisky. The offensive line has been overall doing a great job this season, but they picked a bad time to slip up while mistakes everywhere else were piling up.

Taylor Gabriel is not a gadget receiver

He’s an integral part in this Bears offense and runs routes and tracks the deep ball as good as anyone. He should be on your fantasy team.

I don’t like the overtime decision, but I get it

After so many gaffes, literally fumbles, and crazy metaphoric bounces against the Bears, I understand the choice to take the game to overtime over risking a 30 second drive from just ahead your own goal line. I don’t care for it though.

Akiem Hicks and Eddie Goldman renew my hope in the world

I had to watch through my fingers on the third and goal play where Hicks forced a fumble that Goldman recovered. I’m so glad we got a replay. Akiem Hicks lobbied all summer for the orange jerseys, and he looked damn good making what should have been a game-saving play in that jersey. Talk about rising to a freaking moment. I love those big bears so much.

It was not the Bears day. A good team needs to be able to take their lumps. The Bears are a good team, and they were showered in lumps today.

I’m going to have to apologize to my television after everything I yelled and threw at it today. Credit to the Dolphins for doing what they needed to be in a position to take the win when it was handed to them. It’s a rough day to be a Bears fan.