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Ten Thoughts on the NFL

We have a few thoughts on the NFL and we hope you enjoy them...

Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

1) Do you remember when some were wondering if the New England Patriots were done? Way back when they were 1-2 after consecutive losses to the Jaguars and Lions some were ready to write them off.

It seems this happens every year to the Pats and 41-year old Tom Brady. They have a little early season adversity, pundits claim the end is near, they regroup and go on a run.

They beat the previously unbeaten Kansas City Chiefs in a 43-40 shootout, and while their defense looks vulnerable, that offense is clicking.

2) In that game, a moronic Patriots’ fan threw beer on the Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill after he scored a TD.

And then this happened.

The best part of the story in my opinion is what Hill’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, had to say. “That type of behavior is unacceptable. Players have to be protected. We want that fan to be prosecuted.”

I hope that idiot is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and every instance from here on out of a fan getting unruly leads to the same.

3) Are the Los Angeles Chargers for real this year?

Despite having one of the better quarterbacks of this generation, Philip Rivers, they’ve only made one postseason this decade. And I can feel some of the eye-rolls after praising Rivers, but he’s been a consistently good quarterback. Statistically speaking, Rivers will be a top ten All-Time QB in every important category when this season ends.

3) Staying in the AFC West...

Reports claim that the Raiders are seeking a 1st-round draft pick in exchange for wide out Amari Cooper.

I’d love to see this trade happen if only to hear head coach Jon Gruden say something like this, ‘It’s tough man, we just don’t have that thousand yard receiver to help the offense.’

4) Why is Vontaze Burfict still in the league?

He can’t help himself, so the NFL should help him by sending him away for good.

5) How did the Cowboys beat the Jaguars?

They obviously had a little extra swagger with Conor McGregor in the house.

But it’s a good thing Dak Prescott didn’t mimic McGregor’s throwing style though.

6) The New York Giants have more problems than just Eli Manning, but as the face of the franchise he’s going to get the majority of the blame.

That team needs to rebuild, and I’d expect them to try and shop a few veterans before the October 30 trade deadline.

7) The Baltimore Ravens’ defense sacked Marcus Mariota 11 times in their 21-0 victory.

Why would the the Titans keep him in the whole game?

8) The Los Angeles Rams have so many weapons.

With quarterback Jared Goff struggling they just leaned on the running game and watched Todd Gurley run 28 times for 208 yards.

9) I think everyone knew that Aaron Rodgers was going to figure out a way to beat the 49ers last night.

He’s clearly a magician.

10) Did you guys realize that there was a featured article on about a second year QB that struggled in the first half of his game on Sunday, before turning it around with a big second half. His team still lost, but the article was all about how he showed growth by bouncing back, even though his team lost.

The title of the article was, Mitchell Trubisky proves mettle in Bears’ tight loss to Dolphins.

Just kidding, it was actually, Patrick Mahomes proves mettle in Chiefs’ tight loss to Patriots.

10a) And speaking of second year QBs, let’s check in on last year’s “next big thing,” the Houston TexansDeshaun Watson.

10b) Just a reminder that Pro Football Focus is a tool and not the gospel.