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Bears offensive tackle Bobby Massie claims he lost 12 pounds vs. Dolphins

That’s more than a newborn baby.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers
The Miami heat - the climate, not the basketball team - took a toll on the Bears’ Bobby Massie.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The blistering heat of South Beach took its toll on the Chicago Bears on Sunday, as heat exhaustion played a role in the team’s 31-28 overtime loss to the Miami Dolphins. Among those who felt its effects the most was offensive tackle Bobby Massie, whose reaction to the heat was pretty extreme.

Massie claimed to reporters on Tuesday that he lost 12 pounds after sweating in this week’s game.

Massie is listed at 317 pounds, so he would still be massive individual if his tale about his shedded weight is true. Nonetheless, dropping 12 pounds is no easy feat, so the possibility that Massie may have done so in one game is mind boggling.

Although the Bears didn’t play a great game as a team, they were hardly at full strength due to the effects that the Miami weather had on their bodies. If true, this story would be an example of how much the heat affected them on Sunday.