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Week 7 Postgame: Bears get right with a home game against a weak opponent, fly past Jets 24 - 10

On a day of rest for Khalil Mack, the Bears defense finds their footing.

NFL: New York Jets at Chicago Bears
Tarik Cohen jogging onto the field for warm-ups or running for a 70 yard touchdown ? Hard to tell.

I enjoyed having Tony Romo calling this game. He sounds so agreeable when he compliments the Bears and clearly knows what he’s talking about when he says things like “that was a tremendous throw by Mitch Trubisky on the back shoulder corner route to Anthony Miller,” or “Trey Burton’s good.” He definitely sounds smart when he says “I think you’re watching a playoff football team today.”

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Defense gets a chance to play without the Mackvantage

And I think they needed it. The first few weeks with Mack wreaking havoc was easy mode for the rest of the Bears D, and it’s about time they got some practice carrying their weight. Adding Mack to a defense that is working well without him is the best way this Bears defensive season can play out. So far, it’s looking good.

I’m starting to grow fond of Trubisky’s overthrows

It’s kind of endearing, right? I’ve always said he’ll hit more of the long ones when he gets more comfortable and sets his mechanics right more often, but maybe this is just gonna be his thing. Every star needs a signature move. Our boy is making us work for our fan joy, but I’m glad he’s not dumping too much too soon on is. A slow progression is about all I can handle from a franchise QB, especially with so many other things working well for the Bears.

In fairness, Trubisky played well in the second half and made sure the Bears didn’t give up a lead, despite Eddie Jackson’s best efforts.

The thing about having both Tarik Cohen and Taylor Gabriel on the field

Is not just that the defense doesn’t know who to worry about for a huge play, but Gabriel can run ahead of Cohen and make a key block 40 yards down the field on a 70 yard touchdown screen. That’s a thing of beauty.

Speaking of Tarik Cohen

I always love it when the broadcast can show a graphic telling how a single Bear has more yards than the opposing offense.

Bad Bear, Eddie Jackson

Jackson is a great playmaker, but today his late hit kept the Jets drive alive and led to an unecessary touchdown.

Kevin White makes a legitimate appearance

Spending a lot of time on the field and even catching some balls with his hands, which are yet to break. He’s easing in to the offense and might just sneak up on us as a real contributor by the end of season.

Did anyone start to forget about Anthony Miller?

You probably shouldn’t have.

Did the Bears find Jordan Howard?

Maybe all it takes is one drive in the 4th quarter to prove a Bears’ integral role in this offense. Sometimes what you’ve been looking for has been right in front of you all along.

Akiem Hicks makes me proud to be a fan

Watch that Bear get skinny to slip past the o line and then get fat to smosh down a running back for a loss will never get old.

This is the second week in a row a commercial celebrated a team beating the Bears during the broadcast

Read the room, Verizon.

Get well soon, Kyle Long

Hate to see a good Bear go down. It’s not a good sign when you have to hop on one foot off the field.

I remember wanting the Bears to call Jamal Adams’ name in April 2017

He played well today, but I’m not mad we have Trubisky instead. Don’t @ me.

The Bears played well today. The defense didn’t miss any embarrassing tackles. The offense didn’t fumble the ball twice in the second half. Special teams didn’t give up two touchdowns. That all added up to an easy win against an inferior team. This is what it looks like when a playoff-bound team munches their way through the middle of the season, chomping down on the mediocre middle of the NFL on their way to the real games.

Hopefully we see more of this.