A lot of people have been talking about Floyd so I figured I'd go to the tape and seperate his play from his fiction

-If I knew how to embed video I would, you guys who do regular features like Sackwatch are my heros with the quick video Xs and Os

I have been listening to a bunch of conversations about Floyd being Fangios Jack of all trades guy. The guy who can both rush and cover, making offenses have to both account for him with chips and doubles and in coverage. That's a guy I can get behind (Full disclosure: I Loved the pick) Now with Khalil Mack on the other side, either Floyd should get the advantage of more one on ones or he draws chips/doubles and the big guys get 1-1... all good for us.

I want this to be the case. How great would it be to frighten O-lines with Floyd and rush Smith or Travathan while they have to worry about Mack but what I want and reality don't always line up...

I looked at every snap for Floyd thus far. I broke down each passing play into Pass rushing snaps and cover/other.

A rush is no responsibility but get to the quarterback, first step forward. I counted everytime Floyd seemed to get off his block (if he didn't have a man between him and the QB) and every time he seemed to apply some pressure. I also looked to see if he got chipped or doubled (to see if the other team had to slide extra protection to him leaving someone else more free)

A coverage snap was an obvious drop into coverage and the other snaps were and snap where he was asked to chip a receiver and then rush, or appeared to have a spy responsibility.

for this exercise I was interested in two things:

-how much Floyd was being asked to be a pass rusher and how much he is doing some other "swiss army knife" type responsibility.

-when he is asked to pin his ears back, what kind of impact he is actually having

On the question of Rush Vs Cover:

Floyd has been sent into coverage or asked to spy for approximately 29 plays this year. it wasn't my focus but I noticed good coverage on five of them and he tipped a pass vs one obvious blown coverage where he got sucked up with a play action. Not some stellar game play but he has been good when he has dropped back. I'd give him one tool in his swiss knife for his play as a cover backer.

He has had an obvious Pass Rush responsibility on 76 snaps this year. or 72% of his job this year. The news here isn't good... He is seeing those one on ones, I only counted a hand full of times where the offense was sending help to his side. Only 7 times where he got off his block but was Not effective and six times where he did apply some pressure if you cant make an impact as a pass rusher on more than 14% of your plays and that impact itself is negligible- many of those plays were positive for the other team... you are not doing well at this job. you make have another blade in that knife but it's dull and broken half way up.

After watching his tape, Thus far this season. Floyd has not been an asset this year as a pass rusher. right now, he is a good cover LB like Roquan and Travathan. I like Floyd and I am rooting for him to find his bend and be a factor in a great defense but right now we're only getting a quarter of what we need him to be. that's what you trade up top ninth for and I still believe he can do it but he hasn't yet

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