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Video Quick Dive - Missing Person: Jordan Howard

Someone Call Joe Kenda!

Where is Jordan Howard?

EDITOR: We’re working hard at WCG to bring you guys some different and unique content, and we’re extremely fortunate to have WhiskeyRanger making these mini-masterpieces for us. We’ve been getting a ton of positive feedback from Chicago Bears’ fans on all our audio and video content, so we’ll keep those up, but we’ll also have our usual written articles from our talented staff of writers to give you guys the best of everything.

Thanks to all you guys for making us your go-to for Bears’ news, analysis, opinion, breakdowns, and other cool Windy City Gridiron stuff.

Note: This video was recorded before the week 8 game, so all stats cited are only through week 7.

This… took a while. Between figuring out what to do for a follow up video, getting busy with other things, building a new computer in the middle of the editing process, and scrapping a half done video to go in another direction, this thing was a bit of a slog. Who knew creating and editing video essays was so time consuming, right? What’s that? Everyone knew? Ok, that’s fair. Either way, I pushed through, and got her done.

In this one, we’re diving into the disappearance of Jordan Howard. So, if that interests you, or you liked the last Video Quick Dive, or if you’re just a fan of sexy Midwest accents, then give it a watch! There are much worse ways to spend 13 minutes of your life (yeah, this one ran a little long, and I have the carpal tunnel to prove it!).

NFL seems to have blocked the embed, so head here to watch it:

Alright, hope at least some of you liked it, because honestly, I think it drained a year off my life making it lol. So it’d be a shame if it was a dud. Seriously, look at this timeline:

That thing is a nightmare lol.

Also, since the video changed so much over the course of making it, I had some footage that wound up getting cut. So, I decided to upload a little deleted scene for you guys as well:

It’s a montage of every Jordan Howard run vs the Saints in 2017, and every run vs the Cards in 2018. I was going to use it to compare his performance and what not, but the video went another direction.

You can find the rest of my Video Quick Dives and any other football related content I put out on the youtube channel here:

Anyway, thanks for checking it out! I hope you enjoyed it, and Bear Down everyone!