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WCG Fantasy Tournament 1st Quarter Recap!

Who hath the Fantasy Gods shone favor on, and who hath incurred their wrath?

Look at those sexy vinyl stickers! Don’t act like you don’t want one...

Hear ye, hear ye! This is your 1st quarter WCG Fantasy Tournament Update! With 4 weeks in the books, it’s been a scoring BANANZA in this 60 person Tournament! NFL offenses have been straight up ballin’ to start the season! We’re basically seeing decade highs (and a bunch of historic highs) in pretty much every offensive category. Through the first 4 weeks, 2018 has seen the most TDs scored (344), the most points scored (3,030), the most passing TDs (228), the most passing yards (34,238), the most completions (2,997) and the highest average passer rating (94.4). Absolutely ridiculous, yet absolutely awesome.

As you would expect, those gaudy real football numbers have translated to some equally gaudy fake football numbers thus far. So with that, let’s take a look at the Tournament as it currently stands. I initially wasn’t going to include the week 4 scores, and just concentrate on the over-all standings... but they were just too good to ignore! So first, here are your Week 4 scoring leaders:

1. Beardowniniowa (Big Mack Attack) - 208.80

2. H20HOF (Nathaniel’s Team) - 182.16

3. BearAnBullsSoxOhMy! (Mitch N’ Biscuits) - 179.78

4. Bill Cartwright’s Elbow (Bill’s Elbow Chop!) - 179.38

5. Patti (Gale’s Slayers) – 175.56

Nice, right? We also minted a new single week scoring leader as well:

Beardowniniowa (Big Mack Attack) - 208.80

Congrats! Now, with this being fantasy football and all, I can’t very well list the top scoring teams without throwing some shade at this week’s low scoring teams:

1. Aerahan1310 (Aerahan1310) – 47.60

2. el_caney (Raymont Harris’Ghost) - 79.76

3. bearfan2793 (Who Bears Wins) - 86.98

4. Griot28 (Punching Peanuts) - 90.06

5. on the fencik (on the fencik) - 90.78

Sorry everyone. Had to be done. If you need some advice, feel free to post below, or hit up the Fantasy Forum Article on Friday! Moving on to the over-all Tournament numbers through 4 weeks, we have 8 teams that have started a perfect 4-0:

1. H20HOF (Nathaniel’s Team)

2. Webb Slinger (Miller Time)

3. WhiskeyRanger (Midway Turf Monsters)

4. BearAnBullsSoxOhMy! (Mitch N’ Biscuits)

5. Champaign Cubbies (Password is Taco)

6. burrka (Bear Down!)

7. Usmcbears (Miller High Lites)

8. mattjoy2001 (Swaggy Nagy)

And our current top over-all scoring teams are as follows:

1. WhiskeyRanger (Midway Turf Monsters) - 606.66

2. nachoman45 (Nachoman45) - 604.44

3. Bill Cartwright’s Elbow (Bill’s Elbow Chop!) - 594.78

4. H20HOF (Nathaniel’s Team - 591.70

5. Beardowniniowa (Big Mack Attack) - 576.24

These are the current favorites in the race for the shirt through 4 week! I know, the competition is stiff (especially with yours truly sitting at the top of the pile, not to brag... ok, maybe a little). But fear not. If you fall short of the over-all Tournament Championship, but manage to win your division, you’ll still earn a prize! And I just started getting them in the mail a few days ago:

That’s right! All the Division champs will get their Division’s logo on a vinyl sticker! That means 5 people will be getting prizes this year, so even if you aren’t currently in the top 5, you can’t give up! Not when there’s schwag on the line!

Now, to show that this Tournament isn’t all about bragging for the leaders (myself not excluded), and ragging on the losers, we’re going to bring WCG’s Fantasy Guru Jeff Berckes in to give some quick advice to our last place participant, el_caney (Raymont Harris’Ghost) in Butkus Division, who’s 0-4 team has been decimated by injury (Greg Olsen, Tyler Eifert, Leonard Fournette, Rex Burkhead, Sammy Watkins) and under performance (Derrick Henry, Tom Brady [kinda], Jamaal Williams, Kelvin Benjamin, Dak Prescott, Josh Doctson):

Jeff’s Advice:

1. No need to carry 2 defenses. Open up that roster spot to get another skill player.

2. Try and trade for a RB. Yeldon might be a good target as a handcuff to Fournette when he’s healthy.

3. If you must, see if you can get a good return for Michael Thomas. Think - low end RB1 plus WR 2 at minimum. See who has an extra running back that might be willing to make the swap.

4. Keep grinding. Plenty of talent on the roster with a lot of bad luck. Keep going!

Good stuff Jeff! I’ll quickly add my own quick advice:

1. Throw Greg Olsen into your IR slot, and free up another bench spot.

2. You are weak at RB currently, so I’d grab Mike Davis if you can. He should be a better option than what you have for at least the next week or two, and could still carry some value once Chris Carson is back (if not, he’s an easy drop).

3. Keep grinding! An 0-4 start can easily turn into a 12-4 finish! All you need is a little luck, and some savvy roster moves!

Hopefully this advice, combined with your already solid waiver moves this week, will help you to turn things around!

That will just about do it for our 1st Quarter WCG Fantasy Tournament Recap! From all of us here, we’d like to wish everyone the best of luck the rest of the way! Bear Down all!


Which 4-0 team has the best name?

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  • 2%
    Nathaniel’s Team (H20HOF) - [come on dude!]
    (1 vote)
  • 2%
    Miller Time (Webb Slinger)
    (1 vote)
  • 9%
    Midway Turf Monsters (WhiskeyRanger)
    (4 votes)
  • 27%
    Mitch N’ Biscuits (BearAnBullsSoxOhMy!)
    (12 votes)
  • 20%
    Password is Taco (Champaign Cubbies)
    (9 votes)
  • 4%
    Bear Down! (burrka)
    (2 votes)
  • 4%
    Miller high Lites (Usmcbears)
    (2 votes)
  • 27%
    Swaggy Nagy (mattjoy2001)
    (12 votes)
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