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Video Quick Dive: The Perfect Play, Trubisky to Gabriel

7 minutes of moving pictures and the sweet, dulcet tones of WhiskeyRanger

Who could say no to that face?

There were tons of big plays in the Bears/Bucs game. I mean, TONS (it was a good day to be a Bears fan!). But when I was watching live, one play stuck out to me. And when I was going back over the game footage, I realized why. So, inspiration in hand, I captured some footage, wrote a little script, dusted off my mic and popped into my closet to record my thoughts (I live a glamorous life). Then, off and on over the next few days, I cut it all together, and Bob’s your uncle. Youtube Video!

So if you’re into quick play breakdowns, sub par attempts at humor, and have 7 minutes to burn, give it a watch! You’ll either enjoy it or you wont. I make no promises lol.

For now, this is just a one off kind of thing... but if you guys enjoy it, I might turn it into a series. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for watching everyone!


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    Meh, not really. The guy doing the voice sounds like a mouth breather.
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