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Forget Thursday Night Football!

Let’s find something else to watch.

Raiders vs 49ers? Color me excited.

Look. Thursday night games are usually pretty terrible. We all know that. But this one, oof. Two single win west coast teams. One who lost their starting QB and starting RB early, the other who is in Fire Sale mode, getting rid of every last bit of talent they have. I mean, I love watching football, but I’m not sure this even qualifies.

But don’t worry, WCG’s got your back! Below I’ve got a nice assortment of videos you can watch instead of Thursday Night Football. First, and foremost:

Super Bowl XX – Bears vs Patriots

Come on… you knew this was going to be in there. Watch the 85 Bears put the beat down on the Pats (bit of catharsis from the 2018 Pats game?), and get a taste of the greatest team in NFL history!

Sticking with 1985, here’s another goodin’ that I’m sure less people have seen:

Week 11, 1985 – Bears vs Cowboys

Oh yeah. Watch the DOMINANT 85 Bears defense shut out the Cowboys in their own house! Entertainment at it’s finest.

For something a little more recent, How about:

Week 6, 2006 – Bears vs Cardinals

The classic “Who we thought they were” game, featuring that EPIC Bears comeback down in the desert. If someone doesn’t post the Denny Green gif in the comments section, I’m going to be EXTREMELY dissapointed.

In the mood for something a little different? Well, if you have a cable subscription (it automatically recognized mine), you can check this out:

ESPN’s We The Fans documentary series

It’s an interesting look at the Bears Fans of section 250.

And of course, if you want to check out some WCG content:

Andrew Link’s Youtube channel:

He’s got some great Bears breakdowns on there. Well worth the watch.

WhiskeyRanger’s Youtube channel:

I’ve got some hopefully entertaining Bears video essays that are worth checking out as well.

I think that should get everyone through this Thursday Nightmare of a game. So, have fun, binge watch responsibly, and Bear Down everyone!

WhiskeyRanger is a freelance graphic artist/content creator, and avid Bears fan who apparently talks in the 3rd person now. You can follow him on twitter @WhiskeyRanger29, and check out his Youtube channels here: Art Channel | Football Channel