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Five Questions with Buffalo Rumblings: “When it comes to just have to wait him out”

As the Bears roll into Buffalo for their 4th straight game against the AFC East, we prep with Buffalo Rumblings

Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens
Nathan Peterman will start at QB for the Bills
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Remember way back in August, the Bears faced the Bills in a meaningless preseason game? If you’re old enough to remember that far back, the Bears didn’t even have Khalil Mack on the roster at that point!

Our friends in Buffalo have had a rough go of it so far in 2018. Suffering through some injuries at the QB position, Buffalo has been forced to go back to Nathan Peterman who just can’t seem to string together any consistency for the Bills offense. We reached back out again to Buffalo Rumblings for some insight into this game and Corey Giacovelli was kind enough to answer some of my questions.

Windy City Gridiron: 1. Let’s start with the QB situation. Buffalo hasn’t been able to keep a healthy starter this season with Josh Allen hurt and newly signed Derek Anderson going down late Monday night. All cosmic signs keep giving the ball back to Nathan Peterman who likes to give that ball to the other team. What can Bears fans expect of Peterman, how did Allen look in his limited time, and are Bills fans even a little sad about giving away Tyrod Taylor?

Buffalo Rumblings: When it comes to Peterman it seems you just have to wait him out. He is capable of making some good throws but with every good throw it seems there are multiple interceptions that come with it. If the Bears secondary is patient then the turnovers will come. When it comes to Allen he showed some glimpses that got fans excited but areas to improve. The injury could be a blessing for him because he can focus on learning how to deal with blitzes and recognizing coverage which is what he has struggled with at times. Fans are a little sad about Tyrod but a change needed to be done, it also helps that he isn;t tearing it up with the Browns.

WCG: 2. Okay, with that out of the way, let’s focus on the good stuff. The Bills have been very good on defense this year and it has kept them competitive despite a lack of offense. Who on this front 7 does Mitchell Trubisky need to be concerned with when we drops back to pass?

BR: The thing about the Bills front seven is that each week it seems a different guy is getting to the quarterback. The main threat is Hughes because of the versatility he has when it comes to rushing the passer. He has the speed to go around the outside but also the strength to bull rush any guy in the league. Depending on the game plan though do not be surprised if one of the linebackers fill up the stat sheet with blitzes.

WCG: 3. From what I’ve seen of the Bills, the standout player is Tre’Davious White, the corner out of LSU. Just how good is this guy and who else in the secondary do we need to know about?

BR: White is a lock down corner which has been great for the team this season. Last season, he primarily stayed to one side of the field but no we are seeing him being glued to the team’s number one target. One thing to watch with him however is that he is a physical corner. Against the Texans there were times where his physicality got him in trouble with holding penalties so keep an eye on that. This secondary has big time players but the problem is that they are on the field way too much.

WCG: 4. The Bears are double digit favorites in Buffalo and some sites have even pulled the betting line, basically indicating that they fully expect this to be a Bears victory. However, this Bears squad hasn’t had a convincing road win this year and they’re still learning how to win games that they “should” win. What’s the game script the Bills need to write to upset the Bears and win this one?

BR: It just comes down to something simple, score points! This offense has struggled all season to put points on the board, even when the defense gives them a short field to work with a field goal isn’t even guaranteed. I saw a stat today that the team is second worst in the league with converting third and short situations. IF they are able to stay on the field and keep the defense fresh then they can pull off the upset.

WCG: 5. I think it’s safe to say the 2018 Bills season is looking like a rebuilding year. What do the Bills need to do next off-season to come back strong with a competitive squad and compete for a division championship in 2019?

BR: The team needs to hope that Josh Allen improves going into his sophomore season because then the team can focus on the holes with this team. The defense is there now the task is to put together a better offense line and give him a true number 1 target to throw the ball too. If the Bills can put together an offense that averages about 17-20 points per game, I believe that the defense can carry them to a double digit win season.

Thanks again to Corey and Buffalo Rumblings and good luck to the Bills...after Sunday.