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OSS - Midway Redemption

Saddle up! It’s a new One Stop ‘Shop!

Tell em Nagy’s comin’! And hell’s comin’ with me!

Here I sit, in this dusty saloon, patiently waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 to come out on PC. I haven’t bought a console since 2006, and don’t plan to any time soon, but tarnation! The wait is killing me! So, to tide me over, I went ahead and painted up a Red Dead Redemption inspired OSS! It was either that, or get lost at the bottom of a bottle of whiskey. I may have made the wrong choice...

Just a quick and dirty concept art style paint job in Photoshop. Matt Nagy is here for some Midway Redemption!

Get the full 1080p version here.

Just a bit of fun. Like I said, it was quick and dirty, took me somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-4 hours from sketch to completion, all done in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. If you’re interested, you can watch the process in the video below:

And for anyone unfamiliar, it’s based on this:

credit to the original artists, and Rockstar Games

As always, if you have any Bears related Photoshops or illustrations, share them in the comments below! I’d really like these articles to be a place where people can show their creativity, no matter your skill level. And if you have an idea for an OSS, share it as well! If you want to see the other OSS articles, you can do that HERE.

Also, go ahead and share what music you’re listening to currently! I’m always looking for new stuff since I’ve generally got something playing while I work. Just something to keep the deafening silence from driving me insane.

Currently I’m listening to: Natural - Imagine Dragons

WhiskeyRanger is a freelance graphic artist/content creator, an avid Bears fan, and apparently speaks in the third person now. You can follow him on Twitter @WhiskeyRanger29, check him out on Youtube at JustSomeGuyWithAStylus (art), and WhiskeyRanger (film study). If you’re in the market for some sports related graphic tees, feel free to check out WaiverWear as well.


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