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NFL Week 10 post game: Bears get on top early and smother the struggling Lions in comfortable 34 - 22 victory

The Bears win their first division game in two years and look good doing it.

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
Linebacker Jarrad Davis failing in his attempt to high five Trubisky. Go back to your sideline, Jarrad. Celebration is for Bears only.

The Bears protected us from any anxiety in this game, quickly establishing a dominant lead and never giving it up. The Bears made a blunder hear or there, but overall they dominated a division rival and suffocated the hope out of their season in the process. All in a Sunday’s work.

Good job, Bears.

Box Score

It’s okay to be excited about Mitch Trubisky

The Bears offense started the game with four touchdowns on four drives. During that time Mitch Trubisky was 13 for 15 on passing with a passer rating of 158.3. Passer rating isn’t a perfect measure of quarterback performance. Specifically, it doesn’t go over 158.3 when Biscuit should have gotten a 200.

Trubisky seem more confident than ever today, and it seemed to work out for him. In the first touchdown drive, Trubisky called audibles at the line on at least three plays, all of which resulted in completed passes.

Nagy sometimes a little too cute with the playcalling

It’s true that nobody expects Tarik Cohen to run the ball inside. That’s because it doesn’t usually work out well. It doesn’t help to surprise your opponent by doing something ineffective. There may be some value in forcing defenses to account for that possibility when Cohen is on the field, but I can’t imagine anyone’s doing much adjusting to the threat of a Tarik trucking down Damon Harrison.

Honestly, I just want to see more of Jordan Howard knocking Lions over. Overall, what Nagy’s doing is working, so I can’t get that mad.

Not a good idea to advertise for Empire during this game

Nobody is going to want to watch a show about the “Lyon” family after seeing the Lions on the field today.

Welcome Back Allen Robinson

The most relevant AR12 in the NFC North came back in full force after two weeks off, making crucial chunk catches on each of the first two drives before making a beautiful touchdown grab on a low back-hip catch which I’m going to decided was inspired ball-placement by Trubisky and not an underthrow with a lucky outcome.

Bryan Witzmann hasn’t looked out of place in two weeks of rotational snaps

It’s certainly refreshing to see the offensive line depth stepping up with Kyle Long out and Eric Kush playing through injury.

Roquan Smith continuing to prove his value

Smith is clearly getting more comfortable on an NFL field, and after leading the NFL in tackles week 9, Roquan wrapped his arms around all kinds of kitties and blitzed into the backfield for an early sack. He led the Bears again today with 9,

Khalil Mack is back with dat sack attack

Mack garnered plenty of attention from the Lions and generated plenty of pressure on Stafford, including two sacks. His second sack celebration was a wonderfully playful gymnastic display. Such an easy Bear to love. He didn’t get a turnover touchdown, but that’s only disappointing if you’re obscenely spoiled. We aren’t that spoiled yet, are we Bears fans?

From Kurt Fuller to Bryan Callahan

Bears defensive backs are making such mind-blowing interceptions, the announcer can’t even remember their names. Callahan had a great day all around, with a sack and two ball-swats in addition to the pick.

Prince Amukumara responsible for more turnovers this game than the 2016 and 2017 seasons combined

He forced the Kerryon Johnson fumble and then caught a deep interception. Sure the interception was a fourth down play and effectively turned Stafford’s errant throw into a near-perfect arm punt. Add 8 tackles to that stat sheet, and it was a good game overall for Prince.

Leonard Floyd gets a sack!

Leonard Floyd gets sack! He’s on a one-game sack-a-game streak and I don’t see it ending any time soon.

Cody Parkey picked the right week to miss two extra points and two field goals

Never do that again, Cody. Never.

The Bears are winners and the Lions are losers.

This may not come as a surprise, but it still feels good. At 6 and 3 and on top of the NFC North, the Bears have a real chance to contend for a playoff spot. They will get a chance to prove they’re a legitimate threat when they play the Vikings next week.

Until then, we’ll have to settle for reveling in the spoils of victory.