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Chicago Bears’ fans confidence check

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Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

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Here are this week’s WCG FanPulse results for the Chicago Bears.

The Bears have won two in a row and remain a half game ahead of the Minnesota Vikings for first place in the NFC North. This Sunday Night showdown between these two teams will have playoff ramifications.

And how cool is it that us Bears’ fans are talking playoffs in November?

We’ve been very consistent with our confidence level in the direction the Bears are heading. Head coach Matt Nagy hasn’t been above some occasional criticism, but he’s owned it, and he’s kept this team pointed in the same direction all year. His team has bought in from the start, and I really get a sense that the player’s confidence is growing each week.

Fans of the Minnesota Vikings’ saw their confidence dip a bit this week, which is odd since they didn’t play. With the Vikings’ coming off their bye week you’d think their fans would be confident, but maybe there is a little doubt creeping in about their next opponent.

Maybe their fans have concerns o how to stop Khalil Mack and the Bears pass rush. Perhaps they watched the Bears take out the Detroit Lions with relative ease and are now wondering if Mitchell Trubisky has arrived.

Packers’ fans are happy with their win against the Dolphins, hence the uptick in confidence, Miami, but they play tonight on the west coast against the Seattle Seahawks. The loser of that game could find themselves on the fringe of the “in-the-hunt” postseason hopefuls.

The confidence from Lions’ fans continues to nose dive with the team’s third loss in a row, and with the Carolina Panthers up next I’m predicting a fourth straight defeat.

What are your thoughts on the FanPulse results this week?

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