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Bears vs. Vikings: Coronation party at Soldier Field as the Bears confirm they’re legitimate Kings of the North in 25-20 stomp-fest

The Bears defense dominates the Vikings; the offense does enough to stay light enough for the defense to carry the Bears to their 7th win.

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
Hey Kirk! How’s it going? It’s me, Khalil...

The Bears came into this game with 6 wins against teams nobody is taking seriously. They knew this division game against the expected division favorite was a crucial moment, not only to strengthen their grip on the NFC North, but to show the league they are a legitimate contender. Our Beloved stepped up to the moment.

The Vikings defense is good. The Great Bearier Deef is better. With 11 seconds left in the third quarter, Minnesota was poised to drop a zero burger on the Bears suffocating D. The Bears offense moved the ball admirably considering the quality of their opponent, but they failed to capitalize on most of their drives and the defense had to carry this game. But that’s what’s beautiful about these Bears. The offense steps up for the defense, the defense steps up for the offense, and the special teams try not to make too many gaffes.

Complimentary football at its finestish.

Box Score

Akiem Hicks gets the orange jersey game we’ve been waiting for

Yes, this is the second time the Bears wore orange jerseys this season. But the first time, the sun—clearly angered by Bears offense’s Icarus-like performance against the Buccaneers the week before—conspired with the Dolphins to force them to make several embarrassing mistakes as they suffered from heat exhaustion. That game can be dismissed as an unfortunate learning opportunity. Today was Hicks’ orange jersey inauguration celebration, and he spent it in the backfield. He seemed to have a crucial run stop in every drive and topped his game off with a 4th quarter sack and 2-point try swat down.

Trubisky has a confident week, makes several good decisions, two bad ones...

Anyone paying attention has always known the talent was there with Trubisky. But early in the season, there were a discouraging amount of poor decisions and flustered moments that led to bad mechanics and bad throws.

Trubisky’s first interception today was a bad decision but an understandable one and a learning opportunity. His second interception, he clearly thought something different was going to be happening when he let the ball go. But we’re seeing more evidence that when Tribisky is playing with confidence, making good decisions, calling audibles at the line, and letting his talent shine in appropriate doses, the Bears offense will feast on the rewards.

Cody Parkey drills his first kick of the day straight down the middle

That’s the kind of mental toughness you want in a kicker. A week after hitting the upright four times in a row, knowing everyone is wondering if he’ll choke and put a serious question mark on his career, Parkey coolly pops it in as far from either upright as possible and strolls back to the sideline for a snack (not pictured).

Cody Parkey kicks his second kickoff out of bounds...


Cody Parkey gets the chance to redeem himself with a 48-yard win-sealing field goal attempt

That’s my kicker!

Khalil Mack nabs another forced fumble

Literally as Chris Collinsworth was talking about how the Vikings were executing a good game plan of well-timed runs and quick passes to make Mack less of a factor, Mack scoots in on one of those “well-timed runs” and paws the ball out of Dalvin Cook’s hands. Bwahahwahawhaha. It’s so fun to have this guy in navy and orange. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. I certainly hope I don’t.

Has Taquon Mizzell run the ball forward yet?

I get he adds some value as a returner and some potential as a receiver, but maybe we don’t need to hand it off to him until he develops a little more?

Allen Robinson is a beautiful bear

His first down catch in the second quarter, securing the ball on the sideline as he gets slammed to the ground by a super-rude Viking. So tuff.

Welcome back to the box score, Taylor Gabriel

The Bears offense had a great game last week, but Taylor Gabriel was shut out of it. He had a couple deep targets that didn’t connect, but mostly he served as a distraction for the defense. Today, he got to join in on the fun early and often and it was a welcome return.

Anthony Miller rounds out a trio of Bears receivers making me swoon

That touchdown. Haters will point out that Trubisky’s throw was too low. Lovers will recognize Miller made an exceptional catch to bail him out.

Trubisky now leads the league in quarterback rushing yards

He already led in yards per attempt. Collinsworth said it best with, “here comes that stinking quarterback, again.”

That’s my Biscuit.

Roquan Smith still learning what flies in the NFL

Half-hearted tackles on Stefon Diggs do not fly. Noted. He’ll get it right next time.

Every time you see Eddie Jackson get a takeaway, pencil in 6 8

This bear knows how to beat offensive tacklers, and his pick six was perfectly timed to make sure no Bears fan had a moment of anxiety about the chance of losing.

The running game still struggling with negative yard trickery

Every week there are at least a handful of running plays that either involve a fake or a double hand-off or just a handoff too deep in the outfield that tries to go outside and fails. These plays do work sometimes, but they are failing too often. I’m not sure if the defense is recognizing them or they aren’t as tricky as they think they are, but too often it feels like the running game is putting more pressure on the passing game instead of alleviating it.

Bears 2/2 on 2 point conversions

If they can just stay above 50%, it seems like a good idea to keep doing them.

The Bears controlled this game start to finish against the second best team in our division. The best team? No, not the Packers. I’ll let any of you thinking it might be the Lions continue with your delusion.

This defense is legitimately in the conversation for best in the NFL. This offense is scoring plenty of points as it gets comfortable in a new system.

It feels wrong to say, but at this point, playoffs should be an expectation for this team.

Bears bears bears bear bears bears bears bears bears.