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Tarik Cohen: Coach Nagy’s offense is like “backyard football”

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The 2018 Chicago Bears are not only in first place in the NFC North, but they’re doing it with style. The offense has been exciting, the defense has been electrifying, and the numerous celebrations have been a blast. This seems like a close knit group that truly enjoys each other’s company and that comes across on the field, in the locker room, in interviews, and on social media. The culture of the franchise has done a one-eighty since the old school John Fox was relieved of his coaching duties, and was replaced by the new age Matt Nagy.

The offense has been called modern, but we’ve seen throwbacks to the 1940s with a variation of the T-Formation, and plenty of college and high school type of wrinkles thrown in too.

Running back Tarik Cohen was recently on the Jim Rome show and he said, “You never know where you’re going to be in the offense, which makes it so much fun.” He compares it to “backyard football,” and says that anyone at any position could line up anywhere.

Cohen also discuses the recent three games in twelve days stretch, the vibe around the team, and his fellow 2017 Bears’ draft class.

It’s a quick two minute listen so check it out.