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The Bears gave the blueprint on how to beat the Rams...

... but unless you have the Bears’ unique talent on defense, that’s not going to do other teams much good.

Los Angeles Rams v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears’ defense smacked around one of the best offenses in the NFL when they throttled the running attack of the Los Angeles Rams leaving them unable to function. It was the blueprint on how to beat the explosive Rams, but unless you have an outstanding defense, good luck in following the plan.

The Bears are uniquely built to shut down the run, with big Eddie Goldman and even bigger Akiem Hicks up front,and they can then get after the quarterback with All Pro Khalil Mack dominating off the edge, but they also have a ball hawking secondary led by Eddie Jackson. Chicago’s defense is the best in the league because they have talent at every level.

After such an important game, I wanted to reach out to our friend, Joseph McAtee at Turf Show Times, to get his perspective on what happened in Chicago’s 15 to 6 win last night.

So check out this special post game edition of Five Three Questions With...

Windy City Gridiron - What did the Bears do defensively that no other team has been able to do to the Rams this year?

Turf Show Times - Stymie the offense in every aspect. No lie, it was very impressive what Vic Fangio did last night. The Rams’ offensive line looked completely out of whack. For whatever reason, Rams Head Coach and offensive playcaller Sean McVay didn’t want to run the ball; I think we can attribute that to you guys essentially scaring him off of it. And so leaning into the pass with an offensive line that struggled, QB Jared Goff played horribly. Y’all took out the offense from the roots, and there was just no response from the Rams on how to deal with it. And in all honesty, that’s sincerely concerning since this was the last playoff-caliber game we’ve got until January.

WCG - Were you surprised the Bears neutralized Aaron Donald, who only had 2 tackles and 1 quarterback hit?

TST - Yes, but I wouldn’t necessarily say he was neutralized. I think more than anything (as usual), he forced a gameplan to deal with him that included frequent double-teaming and even occasional triple-teaming. More than Donald, I was surprised and disappointed that the Rams couldn’t get more support elsewhere from guys like DL Ndamukong Suh and EDGE Dante Fowler Jr. For Donald to command so much attention and not see other guys benefit from the isolation was a bit of a downer.

That being said, we kept you guys to just 13 points on offense and a single touchdown. Overall, I’m pleased with the defensive performance especially how little support they got from our offense.

Editor: Speaking of Fowler Jr., I don’t think he liked getting popped by Tarik Cohen.

WCG - If these two teams meet again this year it’ll most likely be in L.A., so do you think the California weather is all that the Rams need to get the W?

TST - Man, if the cold weather narrative needed a push last night, it certainly got one! It’s just hard not to buy into that narrative. Cali team. Cali QB. Cali football. And given some memorable outcomes (FOR THE WRONG REASONS) from the LA Rams traveling to frigid climates for some of the biggest games in franchise history, it’s just something that I think is hard to discount.

Do I think that’s all the Rams need? No. Do I think it would help? Hard not to think so after last night! But I think the players deserve more credit than the weather. Y’all’s defense won the game last night on their own. If they play like that again, I think y’all could beat us in the middle of the summer in the desert.

Thanks to Joseph McAtee of Turf Show Times for taking some time for some post game questions. Good luck the rest of the way, unless, you know...