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Bear With Me: Bears vs. Packers preview

We have a brand new podcast joining our WCG Channel, please welcome Robert Schmitz’s Bear With Me!

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Hey WCG! My name is Robert Schmitz, but you may (or may not) know me as Joker28. A lurker through college that started commenting roughly two years ago, it’s been a dream of mine to contribute to the site in a meaningful way since about a year ago. Therefore, without further ado, I couldn’t be more excited to debut Week 14 of my podcast (Bear With Me) on the Windy City Gridiron podcast channel!

In this week’s episode, I review what went right in the Bears’ resounding victory over the Rams (hint: it rhymes with “slate beefence”) as well as what went wrong, pointing out key takeaways along the way. (0:00-10:20)

I go into detail about the genius of “Santa’s Sleigh” and how plays like that help set up basic goal line runs in the future. (10:20-12:40)

I discuss what the resurgence of Jordan Howard means to him and the team going forward. (12:40-14:30)

I preview the upcoming game against the Slackers Green Bay, citing the game’s historic relevance and covering why I believe the Packers may not be ready for what’s coming at them. I touch on what I think our offensive gameplan will look like before finally making a prediction about the final score. (14:30-23:30)

From there I take a trip around the NFL’s Week 14 action and cite points of interest about each of the games that took place this weekend. (23:30-END)

Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

Feedback rocks, so please provide it! Whether positive or negative, I want to make something that you want to listen to. Comments about length, content, anything you have an opinion on is welcome. Have a great Packer Week, thanks for Bearing With Me!